Saturday, January 22, 2011

Swimming Lessons tried swimming in the 50m lane (above pic) - 2 laps. So tiring, but I need to learn to relax, slow down a lil bit, and improve on my swimming techniques. The strokes.

Location: Swimming Pools Area, Wisma Belia, Kuantan (opposite Shah Putra College)
Price: RM2 per entry

Lessons Fee: RM40 for 4 lessons (1 lesson = 1 to 1h 30min)
Time: Negotiable with Trainer
Trainer: Male or Female

Ahhh.. the Road to a Healthy Lifestyle, ehh? ;)

ps. I no longer have my trainer's contact number. So, you can just go to Wisma Belia and meet the trainers there. You can arrange for your personal trainer if you like. 


  1. Still have the contactno?

  2. still available???
    i wanna learn swimming area kuantan

  3. I think they are still there.

    You can just go there and register,,

  4. salam, hye!

    its really hard u knw to find cntct no for swimming classes. really wana learn swimmin...

    if u dnt mind, cn u gv m d cntct number? really appreciate it! :)

  5. Pls email me contact no of lady trainer. I want to learn to swim. Pls email to
    Thank you...

  6. please do email me as i need the swimming class details. Its really hard to find it in Kuantan nowadays...

  7. Hi..these classes, is it still available? Interested to learn swimming to overcome my fears of the water...I want the female instructor/trainer number pls. Email me at aini.said@gmail. com

  8. still available.. how to contact...
    . my contact is