Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Yesterday at 2pm, we went for a Hospital Visit to Central Sterile Supply Unit, Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan (HTAA). It was located on 2nd floor of the hospital.

Briefing session by Sister Rahimah, Head Nurse
According to Sister Rahimah, they have 39 staffs altogether, working based on shifts. They receive, store, sterilize and distribute the sterilized materials (surgical instruments, treatment trays and sets, dressings, etc.) to all departments including the wards, outpatient department, and other special units such as operating theatre (OT)

Waiting for our turn to get in
We were able to see the Autoclave machines (well.. it.s only a machine, considering the fact that the other two are non-functional - they haven.t yet to receive the replacements; one machine costs 300 thousands ringgit!), we looked at the Ethylene Oxide bottle, Bowie-Dick tape, Indicator tape, Bacteriological spore test (L.stearothermophilus) and the rooms they store all the equipments, the green gowns the doctors wear during operations, and other stuffs.

Blue robes :)
The department was quite small, so we had to take turns to go inside. Although it was not very fun and entertaining, it was definitely educational.

It was really an awesome experience to see the process with my own four two eyes.

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