Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hey Kitty Kitty Kitty...

Let.s start with, I was not a fan of Hello Kitty before. I strongly think that Hello Kitty is a cartoon/toy for children only.

Few months back, Adlin my youngest sister had my Mom bought her a DVD: Hello Kitty 3D series, in which I happened to watch it too... accidentally.

Well, technically.. I sorta hooked up on the animation when I watched it together with her.

I mean, after you watch this opening intro to the series, what.s not to love?

 OMG Hello Kitty & Friends are super-duper cute!

Here the link to the official website and the blog. You can learn about various characters, play fun games and shop Hello Kitty products. But sadly, they only ship to US and Canada only :(

Okay. I know I am sooo last season, but heyy it.s now or never right?

Never say Never... say who?? ;)

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