Saturday, May 14, 2011

Green Fingers

These were taken during my way back home, around the housing area of Taman Kristal, Sg Karang.

See the all the trees and fruits there?
Boy, I am starting to grow fond of Gardening!

Wait till you see my Mini Herbs Garden outside our kitchen, you.ll know I.m not kidding when I say I do love Gardening! :D

ps. My FIRST time driving alone to UIA Kuantan, after getting green light from my Mom (finally!) by the phone. My parents were in KL, so I can easily persuade my Mom to let me drive to the KOS for IHMA program this morning.

Tapi mak aku kata, tak boleh dah nak mintak2 lagi lepas ni.. Cukup dulu. Umi tak berani lagi nak lepas awak sorang2 kat jalan. Dah la sunyi jalan belakang tu..

Okay2. Guess I have to wait for few weeks more before I try for the second time. Hehehh.

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