Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Questionairre

To: All 1st Year Medical Students Batch 14 (Zenith)

If you cannot access the survey site here, don.t panic.

These are the steps that you should do:

1. Please clear your browsing data, history, cache and cookies. Guide for Chrome users , guide for Firefox (Maryam, 2011)

2. If it.s still not working when using Firefox, change to Internet Explorer. You should be able to access it right after you clear the browsing history and cache. (Wan Adib, 2011)

Regarding the Matric No and Full Name, no need to worry. We won.t be able to match it with your survey form. Your anonymous status will be preserved. 

Plus, there.s really none of our business to get the details on your exam result and stuffs, right? What for? I tell ya, this is strictly business. And I mean it.

Lastly, as you indirectly 'pledge' to answer the questions honestly by clicking the 'I agree' button, please honour your promise.

This is an amanah. A responsibility on you. And as a medical student, we do know that we must always carry out the given amanah as well as we can. Be honest. Do co-operate. Respect.

Yes. It.s a simple thing indeed. To answer a survey form. But if a medical student cannot even do this, it.s a shame.

You can play around. But when it comes to serious matters, be serious.

Thank you. May Allah bless you.

*It.s sad to see that some of us didn.t attend the 'Measurement Day' by Group A & B last Tuesday. Some don.t even care enough to answer the 'Stress Assessment' questionairre by Group C. I am pretty sure some of us don.t feel like doing this 'Factors Affecting Exam Performance' survey either. After all, all a bit secretive about our exam marks, right?

One way or the other, do what you think is best for you. Because your action now determines your future. It is the reflection of who you really are.

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