Thursday, May 26, 2011

Team Work

It annoys me when a person comes late in a meeting. Or not coming at all. It shows lack of commitment.

It disturbs me when a person doesn.t have a clue to what he needs to do. It shows lack of responsibility.

It irritates me when a person doesn.t pass up the groupwork on time. It shows lack of respect.

It pains me to see a person doesn.t care enough to join the group discussion. It reflects selfishness.

It hurts me to look at how disorganised a group can be without proper guidance and direction.

It saddens me when group members seem to forget the 'Work' in a 'Teamwork'. When serious matters are taken lightly. When commitment, responsibility, and respect don.t matter.

And Yes. I admit.

Sometimes I can be a very difficult person to work with.

After all, what to do - we can.t choose our group members.

If we can, I.ll be glad to form a new group where all the members give their full commitment, show some responsibility and respect each other. 

If only.


  1. haha, sory2 kak pah...

    its my style to do things fast and easy.... dont need to discuss much...

    i dont take thing seriously unless its very serious...

    thats me..... :P


    pak cik tng je~

  2. well you can most certainly make a group of your clones then

  3. bdk flat: what.s the sorry for? :)

    anonyms: how so? do tell me the procedures. i.d like to try.

  4. i apologize for my comment earlier..i've heard a lot of good things about you before, but it seemed that you seemed to be quite of judgmental...the persons you mentioned may have deep unresolved problems....a little husnu zhaan wont hurt right ^^...try to tolerate and correct them appropriately if they wronged...allrite that's all for now, laterzz

  5. Dear Anonymous,

    I AM judgmental when it comes to TeamWork. I judge people based on their work perfomances - how good they are in performing the task given, and how committed they are in the group.

    I simply cannot tolerate irresponsible members. If a member does have the so-called deep unresolved problems, is that problem be a an ENOUGH reason for him to be EXCLUDED from his responsibility?

    Everyone has their own problems, mate. It.s just a matter of how you DEAL with the problems, so that they won.t affect your life - or in this case, OTHER PEOPLE.s life.

    It.s you who CONTROLS the problems, not the other way round.

    I believe your advice is for my own good and I accept that. Oh wait. That.s Husnu Zhaan, right? ;)

    I can tolerate other people but toleration has its limitations. You don.t expect every group members to understand YOUR problems.

    If you have issues, come clean. Explain. It.s better for everyone, right?

    ps. That.s all for now? Meaning that, you do have some more advice for me few days to come? Well, I can.t wait to hear that.

    Sorry for the lengthy comments. I am in the process of de-stressing myself. Please understand :)

  6. true...they should come clean rather than dwell in their problems right...different people have different coping styles...maybe your coping mechanism is of superior ones and you should share with your problematic huh i thought the worst part was over

  7. Oh. My coping mechanism is not even close to SUPERIOR, friend. But I will always try to keep my personal problems in a separate compartment in mind when doing my work.

    The exam isn.t finished yet, that.s the stressor :)

  8. i wonder how people are so committed with their work even tho its not of their interest in the first place...i heard that you are not into medic in first place...

  9. Haha. Don.t remind me of that.

    I tried VERY hard to look at it in a positive way.

    Everything happens for a reason, right?

  10. true...but sometimes you do feel demotivated, and you dont want to do anythg all day, just want to sit back and relax, because you feel like that's it! dont you?

  11. Yupp I felt that way sometimes.

    Well, in that case - I just sat back and relax, waited till I got my mood back. Or I listened to music, always managed to lift my spirits up :)

  12. same...the feeling of demotivated made you want to sing the lazy song...however, come to think of it, it is nothing compared to fulfilling the parents' wish right, after all their sacrifice and all, it wont even come close

  13. how come you are not around at AGD

  14. oh. i just came back from kl that night..