Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Jordan Story

It took me few days to finally write the summary of our journey to Jordan here.

These were the places our Uncle took us while we were there:

1. Aqabah
2. Petra 
3. Mu'tah
4. Royal Automobile Museum
5. King Hussein Mosque
6. Swaileh Gharbi
7. Amman Citadel
8. Balad
9. Cave of the Seven Sleepers
10. Majdi Mall
11. Baqa'ah
12. Dead Sea
13. Hayat Mall
14. University of Jordan

A week of stay with our Uncle.s family was awesome. Insya-allah we.ll return to Jordan again with our family.

For shopping purpose. Hehe.

ps. I.ll tell you the stories later. Will post lots of pictures soon.