Sunday, June 05, 2011

So Long, Mini Research! :)

It.s a relief to be free (at last!) from the tension of Mini Research workload.

For about 5 weeks, we have struggled very hard to compile the data for a 58-page scientific report. Abstract, Introduction, Methodology, Result, Discussion, Conclusion - and all things in between need to be edited, corrected and re-checked again and again. Meetings and Discussions were conducted from time to time.

As in the case of Group D, the period of time to analyse the data was shorter than the other three groups. This is because, during the fourth week - where all the groups were already in the process of interpreting the tables/graphs in Discussion section, we made a major change and re-analyse the data! It means that we were starting from the scratch again!

It was Dr. Jamal's idea. Initially we categorized the exam results (outcome) into Low, Intermediate and High Achievers. But Dr.Jamal said something like, 'Why don.t you maintain the numerical values of the result? No need to categorize. Because when you try to change numerical to categorical, then you lose the statistical power already'. Then we were like, 'Yeah, he.s right. Let.s gamble everything and believe in our capabilities - we can finish the report before its due date! Come on, let.s do this!'

All of us were called for a meeting that evening, and during the night as well. We analysed the data in subgroups and ended up at almost 12.20am - it was the KOM.s MakCik Guard with her repeated announcements that made us realise, we had to disperse.

Assoc Prof Dr Jamalluddin AR
After compiling the 'Result & Discussion' from each subgroups, Kak Jihah (our asst.leader) divided the 'Editing Task' to several group members. Methodology, Lit Review, References, Discussion, Introduction - basically every single thing had its own Editor. Even our slide presentation wasn.t ready at that time yet. We had to wait for IMRAD to be finalised before we put them in the slides.
It was hectic. On Tuesday of the 5th week, me & Maryam got our slides prepared with the help of Linda & The Gang. But there were many references which were actually not included in our report. It was not their fault, because the IMRAD + Lit Review were always changing as the editor edited them. They couldn.t get their hands on the Finalized version yet. The slides were edited again and again.

Assoc Prof Dr SK Farid
On Thursday, we had our report sent to every lecturers at the very last minute, after Dr.Razman reviewed them. The poster was ready as well. It was a relief for the 'Editing Team' but not for me & Maryam. We had our mock presentation in front of the group members later that evening. 

After we got the feedback & suggestions from the members regarding the slides, we took note and did the corrections. Later that night, after I edited the slides - changed the mind map, resized the graphs and standardized everything - at almost 11.30pm, once again we had our mock presentation in Maryam.s room, with only few members present. Kak Jihah, Shahidah, Aminah, Bayan and Aminah - their last minute comments were really helpful. 

Asst Prof Dr Razman MR
Maryam & I stayed up till late night to prepare for the presentation the next day.

On Friday, we heaved up sigh of relief when our turn was the last to present. We used it to our advantage - we edited the slides during other group.s presentations. Afifah made few corrections for Maryam and I included the Questionairre, Table 4, Acknowledgments and Poster into the slides at that very particular time. 

I prayed very hard so that neither one of us will mess up the presentation as our time to prepare was very short - even I doubted myself. But I believed everything will go as planned.
Asst Prof Dr Niza Samsudin

After our 30++ minutes presentation was over, it was a huge relief for us. Finally, it was over!      

And I think, it.s worth all our efforts when Dr. Jamal, Dr. SK Farid, Dr. Niza and Dr. Razman praised our presentation. 

I.d like to think that Dr. Jamal doesn.t giving out praises easily to everyone :) 

ps. If given the chance, I.d like to re-do the presentation again. I.d like to make it perfect.

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