Sunday, July 17, 2011


Speaking of BoBoiBoy.. have you watched it?

I strongly recommend this 3D animation series to you, as it is highly entertaining!

And you can hear the voice of Upin & Ipin (Adik Fathiah) in character BoBoiBoy too!

Here.s a summary and details of what BoBoiBoy is all about. Enjoy!

An adventure of BoBoiBoy and his friends fighting against Aliens who are invading earth for cocoa beans.
Imagine a future where Aliens have invaded earth in order to harvest the earth's cocoa beans supply. Imagine that the only hope for humanity lies within a little boy named BoBoiBoy who wields an alien technology that transforms him into an amazing super hero. Join BoBoiBoy and his friends as they go on an adventure and battle against ridiculous aliens who have abnormally square shaped heads and a crazy addiction to cocoa beans. Though they are superheroes, they are still kids who always find a way to have fun and play games whilst upholding justice and doing good.
Total Episodes : 26 episodes x 11 minutes
Medium : Fully 3D Animated
Target Audience : Children & Family
Genre: Action comedy
Language : English (International), Bahasa Malaysia (local)
Production Timeline : January 2010 – June 2011
Formats : TV VCD/DVD

The characters:

Age:10 years old
Powers:Earth, Wind, Lightning and the ability to split into 3.
Likes:Soccer and "The Adventure of Bobos" TV show
Hates:Adu Du the alien.
BoBoiBoy lives with his grandfather Tok Aba who owns a traditional coffee shop. Sometimes he has to help his grandfather at the shop before going out to meet his friends. Though smart and agile, BoBoiBoy is quite mischievous and likes to play little pranks on his friends. Despite that he will not hesitate to fight aliens, monsters and robots to defend his family and friends.His pastime includes watching his favourite action hero show "Bobos" and a game of Soccer with Gopal.

Age:11 years old
Powers:Material Manipulation
Likes:Food and Games
Gopal is BoBoiBoy's best friend. He has the most unique power in the group, the ability to change materials into something else but since he loves food so much, he likes to change them into chocolates and candy. Though having such great powers, Gopal is still a little innocent and easily frightened. Nevertheless he is a loyal friend and will stay with the team in any circumstances.

Age:10 years old
Powers:Super strength and flight
Hates:BoBoiBoy's pranks
Despite being the strongest human on earth, YaYa is actually a reserved kind of a little girl. Only when she is fighting aliens will she show her more aggressive side. In her pastime she tries to get extra pocket money by selling cookies that she and her mom bakes. Being the most reasonable person in the group, YaYa usually becomes the moral voice among her friends. YaYa has a pet cat named Potato.

Age:9 years old
Powers:Super Speed
Likes:Outdoor Activities
Hates:Waiting for people
In real life, Ying is a shy girl but when she turns to a super hero she becomes brave and more impulsive. She normally wears glasses but takes it off when she turns into a super hero which kind of makes it a little problem for her since she can't see is shortsighted. Nevertheless Ying is a strong hearted girl who is not afraid of anything. She is also YaYa's best friend.

Adu Du
Age:20 Alien years
Skills :Crazy Inventions
Hates:Losing to Boboi
Adu Du's alien race is scouting throughout the galaxy in search of the most precious energy resource in the galaxy. Accidentally he has found Coffee Beans on earth to fit the bill which can power spaceships and robots as well as tasting very good. He is now preparing to defeat BoBoiBoy and prepare earth for his Emperor to arrive for planetary invasion. Adu Du is ill mannered, short tempered and bossy but never gives up.

Tok Aba
Name:Tok Aba
Age:70 years old
Skills:Making the best tasting coffee on earth
Likes:Watching wrestling
Hates:Losing his glasses
Tok Aba is BoBoi's grandfather who owns a old school coffee shop named “Tok Aba's Kopitime”. Tok Aba is a loving grandfather and is very protective over his grandchild. He is a happy go lucky kind of a person who knows his grandchild's antics too well which is why he doesn't scold BoBoiBoy when he makes a mistake. He keeps his secret coffee recipe in a little notebook and doesn't let anyone touch it.

Here are some videos I managed to gather:

Trailer with English Opening Song - Catchy! coming soon, coming fast, I don.t know if we can last~~

Composer/Producer Yuri Wong (with Burn on Vocals) creating the theme song for BoBoiBoy at The Factory Music Studio
Jadi kita perlukan penyelamat Bumi... BoBoiBoy!!

Pesanan Yaya tentang makanan berkhasiat. Comel! :)

Wanna know what they can do? Here.s a sneak peak!





All materials are taken from Animonsta Studio website here.

ps. If you happen to watch this series, have you noticed that in the island, there is not much of human activities? I mean, no people walking in the neighbourhood, no other children playing in the park, no cats, dogs or other animals passing by, no cars, bicycles or motorcycles... It.s kinda weird, right?

Well, maybe it.s a quiet neighbourhood. Perhaps the people in the island don.t really like to socialize, and prefer to stay indoors. Who knows, right?

Actually, the Animonsta crew know.

Anyhow, BoBoiBoy rocks!!


  1. Miss Nour El Ain! Suara Boboiboy tu bukan suara Upin Ipin laa. xD

    Tu suara Alisya- adik Hanis Zalikha
    her blog ->

    Tapi sama kan suara diorang? Hehe

  2. sarah, adik alisya tu suara Yaya, kawan BoBoiBoy..

    adik fathiah tu mmg buat suara BoBoiBoy.. sbb aritu mmg i nmpk kat roll credit tu, name fathiah diaz..

    Pelakon suara BoBoiBoy: Fathiah (BM) Wai Kay (BI), Yaya: Alisya (BM) Fairuz (BI), Ying: Ee Jean (BM), Su Ling (BI), Gopal: Dzubir (BM, BI)

  3. Oh, really? OMG malu gila.

    Thanks for the info my dear. :D

  4. heyy no biggie lah.. anyway, adik2 Hanis Zalikha pn ade blog? cool giler.

    thanx for the url ;)

  5. Ang ganda ng Boboiboy! Gustong-gusto ko ito.