Monday, July 04, 2011

Gardening Experiment

My younger sisters, Izzah and Adlin love to watch Astro TVIQ Sekolahku Channel 610. But they changed the audio to Bahasa Malaysia, of course.

Alin tak faham lah apa dia cakap, said Adlin when Kak Nor asked her to change back the audio to English.

It.s becoming my habit to join them watch too.

There.s this one experiment where the seeds are left in a water bottle, filled with water and covered with transparent plastic. It is then exposed to sunlight. Few days later, the seeds grow.

I.d like to try it, so here they are.

But I was using covered pots and plants' stem instead of seeds. I.m out of seeds already. I.ll buy some later.

Well, let.s wait for another few days and I.ll report the result to you, okay?

ps. Astro TVIQ rocks! There are lots of fun experiments to try. Hehe.