Saturday, July 16, 2011

Grill Season

Venue: Backyard of the house
Time: Late evening till early night
Guests: Family and relatives

Cars parked aside..

Warm-up session
Left: Shadow, me and Kak Nor

My Mom joined in :)

How.s that??

Meleleh air liur tak? Hehe

Watched Boboiboy together

The ladies enjoyed the meal

Babies :)


Seriously, I need to master the Grilling skill. It took us almost 2 hours to light up the charcoals!

It was no doubt a very tiring process, but the meals were awesome!!

We are definitely looking forward to the next BBQ session - with better preparation and skill, of course! Hehe


  1. 2 hours hahahaha,, learn from me next time haha ok just kidding...sure looked mouth-watering!

  2. heyy, at least we tried!

    yeah they tasted good. thanks btw :)