Friday, July 08, 2011

The Waterfall

Out of 6 pots, 3 of them have grown leaves! the roses. Boy, can.t wait for 'em to grow bigger!

Latest update: We had a waterfall installed in our backyard. There are fish, too.

Is it good?

Front view

Night view

The uncles who work on this project told us that this is the first waterfall of this kind built in Kuantan. How true that fact is, I don.t know.

At first I thought it was a huge waste. (RM 12,000++ is the installment cost!) But seeing the look of happiness and satisfaction on my Mom.s face when she looks at the waterfall... what the heck, it was worth it.

I tell ya, this is gonna be my Mom.s seventh baby ;)

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  1. woah, nice indeed. it would be a nice campsite too! err provided there's nil mosquito there. hehe