Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mumbai Memory

Some of my parent.s lovely pics during their holiday in Mumbai. Enjoy!

Romantic :)

Variety of food

The street

Of all pics, the Taj Mahal pics are the most awesome! But no softcopy available lorr.

If I.m in the mood, I.ll scan n upload 'em l8r. Toodles!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Dessert for the Day

Me and my Mom dah plan untuk buat kuih raya/dessert/juadah sepanjang Ramadhan ni. Bukanlah hari-hari tapi bila ada masa lah. Except for the day yang kitorang plan untuk berbuka kat luar, haa time tu kite enjoyy!! :)

First day of Ramadhan, mak aku ajar buat kuih ni. Nama dia Nekbat, cane nak eja pun aq x sure. Well, sebenarnya bukanlah kena 'buat' pun kuih ni. Kita g je beli kat kedai kuih yang da siap buat, dia macam bahulu. RM2.50 sepeket, ade la dalam 6/7 biji. Pastu kite sediakan je kuah manisan dia.

Manis tapi sedap. Lain kali kitorang nak try buat kaler hijau/pink pulak. Heheh.
Aritu kitorang buat kuih Butir Nangka. Yang biasa orang Kelantan makan tu, guna tepung pulut, letak pandan, kaler hijau - and kuah dia santan. Lupa pulak aq nak amik gambar.

Pastu kitorang try buat pizza. Mini pizza lah. Letak crabstick, sosej, burger daging potong kecik2 atas dye. Tak berapa jadi sangat, tapi boleh lah tahan sedapnye. Hehehe. Gambar pun takdek la. Xpe2 lain kali aq buat, aq tunjuk ehh :)

Puding Karamel pun buat jugak. Kebetulan ayah aq ade meeting malam tu, so kitorang hidangkan puding tu dalam mangkuk kecik2, dihiasi dengan koktel buah. 8 orang yang makan, 8 mangkuk sume abis licin. Tandanya ape tu yee? Hehehh

Lepas ni kitorang nak try buat biskut raya pulak. Maybe Biskut Nestum or Almond London. Senang lah raya nanti, tak payah beli kuih banyak2. Buat sendiri sudahh..

ps. Nak belajar buat dessert banyak2. Senang nak tambat hati suami mak mertua nanti ;)

Sunday, August 07, 2011


You know about my parent.s honeymoon. Apparently, I was appointed as a babysitter for my two sisters - Izzah, 11 and Adlin, 6. I had to be, considering the fact that my elder sister is in Cyberjaya, my younger sisters Jehan is in IIUM PJ and Syakirah in SMA Bukit Goh - all are studying except me.

You know how difficult kids can be. So I had a schedule made...

..and pasted on Adlin.s closet. Activities planned for the whole week.
My plan worked. She behaved well during the week and didn.t ask for my Mom very often. She was really looking forward to what we were gonna do for the day - I saw her looking at the schedule frequently.

That.s the secret. Distraction.

For all sisters out there, you should try this method if you are left to babysit. 

And to all brothers, I strongly think not up to this method. Plus, do parents trust brothers to do babysitting work? I don.t think so :)

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Mumbai Honeymoon

My parents got back from a-week-honeymoon last week. It was more of celebrating my Mom.s birthday (July 28th) and guess what - my Dad bought this for my Mom, as a birthday gift.

Well, more like a proof of my Dad.s love :)
 It.s a replica of Taj Mahal, BTW. A romantic gesture indeed, hehehh

Friday, August 05, 2011

At the Fingertips

We just had our Wireless Streamyx installed at our home. Yeah I know. That is sooo last season.

Well, you know how conservative (in a good way) my parents are. This time, I handled all the registration process - I went to the Streamyx office in Mahkota Square, upgraded our Streamyx account, filled the form and walla - tis' done! Although it takes quite a few weeks for the Streamyx installers to install the Modem at our house, it.s worth the effort.

Next thing, I must think of a way to persuade my Dad to upgrade our Astro to Astro Beyond. Hmm.. 

ps. Have a look at this cool slides here - entitled Because he is a Muslim. Thanks Kak Jihah for the info. :)

Monday, August 01, 2011

Insha allah

A compilation of Maher Zain.s Insha allah in five languages. Enjoy!

Insha allah (English)

Insya allah (Malay)

العربية) ان شاء الله)

İnşallah (Türkçe)

Inchallah (Français)

It.s the first day of Ramadhan. Insha allah during this fasting month, I.ll train myself to be more patient and grateful.

Insha allah.