Friday, August 05, 2011

At the Fingertips

We just had our Wireless Streamyx installed at our home. Yeah I know. That is sooo last season.

Well, you know how conservative (in a good way) my parents are. This time, I handled all the registration process - I went to the Streamyx office in Mahkota Square, upgraded our Streamyx account, filled the form and walla - tis' done! Although it takes quite a few weeks for the Streamyx installers to install the Modem at our house, it.s worth the effort.

Next thing, I must think of a way to persuade my Dad to upgrade our Astro to Astro Beyond. Hmm.. 

ps. Have a look at this cool slides here - entitled Because he is a Muslim. Thanks Kak Jihah for the info. :)

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