Sunday, August 07, 2011


You know about my parent.s honeymoon. Apparently, I was appointed as a babysitter for my two sisters - Izzah, 11 and Adlin, 6. I had to be, considering the fact that my elder sister is in Cyberjaya, my younger sisters Jehan is in IIUM PJ and Syakirah in SMA Bukit Goh - all are studying except me.

You know how difficult kids can be. So I had a schedule made...

..and pasted on Adlin.s closet. Activities planned for the whole week.
My plan worked. She behaved well during the week and didn.t ask for my Mom very often. She was really looking forward to what we were gonna do for the day - I saw her looking at the schedule frequently.

That.s the secret. Distraction.

For all sisters out there, you should try this method if you are left to babysit. 

And to all brothers, I strongly think not up to this method. Plus, do parents trust brothers to do babysitting work? I don.t think so :)

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