Thursday, September 29, 2011


In ECG Lab Practical, we were required to clip/stick the 12-lead electrodes at certain points on the chest. Lead I, II, III, aVR, aVF, aVL, V1, V2, V3, V4, V5 and V6. The result was then printed.

The gel used

One of the victims

When I showed my ECG result to Dr.Nilar, I asked for her comments. 

She said, I got deep S wave and a tall R wave - might be an indication of ventricular hypertrophy!

I was like, See, I told ya! I know that something is wrong with me somwhere! But of course, I didn.t say it out loud to Yun and Shuk, they.ll nag me all day if I did! Hehehh

Dr.Nilar then asked me to calculate the Lyon index, to see if it.s normal or not. She said it.ll be normal.

Who knows?

Well, I better go get my calculator.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blood Bank Visit

Our first Hospital Visit in Year 2 was to Blood Bank, HTAA. Here.s what happened:

Reached Lobi Makmur, HTAA before 2pm. Went straight to Blood Bank after all of us arrived. The place was easily located - just walk along the path opposite HTAA Kiosk, you.ll see a 'Tabung Darah' signboard. 
Gathered at Meeting Room for a briefing by Dr.Rosmawati. She asked questions about the role of Blood Bank and what did we expect to see during the visit.   

Off we went - to the Registration Counter first. Dr.Rosma gave us the Blood Transfer form and she explained about the significance of each questions asked in the form. 

Then, we went to Blood Donation room, where we saw people donated their blood.

This is the machine used by people who would like to donate their blood by Apheresis method - the blood donors can choose what type of cells they.d like to donate (packed cells, white cells, plasma or platelet) and the RBCs are returned back to the body through the same tube. It is similar like Dialysis machine, and it took longer time (60 to 90mins) than the normal blood donation (15-30mins).

Screening Lab where the staffs screen the blood for Syphilis, HIV, Hep B & Hep C by using a machine. If the donors' blood test result is positive for the screened disease, they will then be informed.
This is the Component Room where the blood components are processed. Plasma bags can be stored in the freezer up to 1 year, whole blood in 5-6 degree Celcius for about 42 days and platelets only for 5 days.

After the first centrifuge, we can observe two portions of the blood (red, heavy haematocrit/packed cells below the bag and tea-coloured platelet-rich plasma on top) obviously  
To separate both components manually

Lounge Room

Posing moment

The girls with Dr.Rosma before we departed back to UIA

Singgah beli dinner jap sebelum balik~
To sum it up, the visit gave us an overview of what happened behind the scenes of a Blood Bank in the hospitals.

My goals after the visit:
1) To be a regular blood donor
2) To donate blood at HTAA once every 4 months
3) To donate blood via Apheresis (at least one time)  :) 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Successful Story

Yay! We ended up second in Talentime! What a day!

It.s all thanks to our 4th year seniors aka facilitators: Abang Syazwan (front row, second from right) and Kak Jannah (last row, first from left) who had been very supportive! We were truly grateful for their commitment - they came to all of our rehearsal sessions and they even contributed ideas!

To sum it up, it.s not winning that I care about, but the path that all of us took towards the win is all that matters. From the moment we started planning, practicing and acting - it was a journey.

A Very Wonderful Journey.

ps. I.m totally impressed with the video shown during the program, entitled 'Aku, Dia & Akuarium' or something about friendship. That was one hell of a good drama. 

Well, do you know if they need an additional role for their next artwork? I.d love to go for an audition :) 

Sunday, September 25, 2011


1.  IIMP Volunteer Work was done successfully! Tak payah pening2 kepala lagi. Move on to the presentation next week!

2. Tomorrow morning aka this morning: Ukhuwwah Network. Our group.ll perform third. Hopefully, they.ll do their best. Hopefully, we.ll all do our best! A 10-minutes performance is not that difficult, huhh? 
Yeah, right. Talking about chaotic days and sleepless nights.

3. IIUM Jamuan makan2 is not for students - for staffs only. How frustrating. I smell discrimination.

4. Zenith.s Special Dinner: 4 till 6pm. Menu: Nasi tomato, Mee soup, Satay, Yun.s Trifle and Caramel Pudding. Siapa yang nak tapau, sila bawak Tupperware masing2 ye. Datang jangan tak datang, nasi tomato sedap tau.. :)

What a busy weekend.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Open House

Just finished cleaning up the kitchen few minutes ago with my Mom and my Sis (Kak Nor). 

Our neighbours (of 6 families) came over for makan-makan after Isya' just now. My Mom made Nasi Ayam and ordered Laksa Putih from Makcik Mah. Kak Nor made Apple Juice. I made the desserts.

We started preparing for tonight.s open house at about 2pm and all preparations were completed just about the right time for them to have their dinner.

 Let.s have a look at the desserts, shall we? :)

Moist Choc Cake

Lemon Muffins

Caramel Pudding


Mouth-watering, isn.t it? :)

The Desserts

 It was indeed a very tiring day. Now I.m off to sleep, g'nite everybody!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Random Thoughts

1. Just came back from a mental break (NOT mental breakdown okay!). Need some space in my brain to sort a few things out. Too many things. Too many problems. So, I guess me - procrastinating from writing my heart out on this digital wall was definitely a huge relief back then. Now I.m back, people!

2. Still - many unexpected things happen. A lot to think - and to settle. First thing first, my laptop screen is dysfunctional at the whole lower 1/3 and I have to use only a small portion of it right now. It was due to an incident happened last Hari Raya - and I still didn.t know who the culprit was. GRRR!! I love my laptop, you know.

3. Maybe I won.t be able to come to Zenith.s Eid Celebration aka Raya Gathering this Sunday morning. Have to attend my 'braces' appointment in Ampang. Before that, I gotta finish up the Video Editing first. A girl.s gotta do what a girl.s gotta do, right?

4. Trying to adjust to a new phase of life - Year 2 of MBBS. Pretty tough, I dare say. Lots of assignments. PBL triggers. Case Discussions. Case methods. Study guides. Compilation. Lectures. Tutorials. Presentations. Practicals. Mini Test. End Block Exam. Professional Exam.

5. Block 1, 2, 3 and 4 - each block consists of 10 weeks (not exactly!) - just 8 weeks of lectures!!!! 8 WEEKS!! Minus the one week Revision Week and EBE a week after, 8 weeks' time is very short! OMG OMG got to go studying if i have some more spare time later i.ll write here or you just have to text me or just do whatever just please i have to study now and i don.t think i can keep on procrastinating like i did before OMG OMG how can i be prepared for this minitest oh oh en block exam rigghhht pro exam is coming up next year it.ll be on 16th july 2012 it.s less than a year how can i make myself ready in lesss than a yearr OMG i.ll ssee yyoou laatter ookkayy buuh bbyeee zzzzzzzz

ps. right after the author completed this post, she passed out on the floor. don.t worry, she just had a transient panic attack. tomorrow she.ll recover.