Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blood Bank Visit

Our first Hospital Visit in Year 2 was to Blood Bank, HTAA. Here.s what happened:

Reached Lobi Makmur, HTAA before 2pm. Went straight to Blood Bank after all of us arrived. The place was easily located - just walk along the path opposite HTAA Kiosk, you.ll see a 'Tabung Darah' signboard. 
Gathered at Meeting Room for a briefing by Dr.Rosmawati. She asked questions about the role of Blood Bank and what did we expect to see during the visit.   

Off we went - to the Registration Counter first. Dr.Rosma gave us the Blood Transfer form and she explained about the significance of each questions asked in the form. 

Then, we went to Blood Donation room, where we saw people donated their blood.

This is the machine used by people who would like to donate their blood by Apheresis method - the blood donors can choose what type of cells they.d like to donate (packed cells, white cells, plasma or platelet) and the RBCs are returned back to the body through the same tube. It is similar like Dialysis machine, and it took longer time (60 to 90mins) than the normal blood donation (15-30mins).

Screening Lab where the staffs screen the blood for Syphilis, HIV, Hep B & Hep C by using a machine. If the donors' blood test result is positive for the screened disease, they will then be informed.
This is the Component Room where the blood components are processed. Plasma bags can be stored in the freezer up to 1 year, whole blood in 5-6 degree Celcius for about 42 days and platelets only for 5 days.

After the first centrifuge, we can observe two portions of the blood (red, heavy haematocrit/packed cells below the bag and tea-coloured platelet-rich plasma on top) obviously  
To separate both components manually

Lounge Room

Posing moment

The girls with Dr.Rosma before we departed back to UIA

Singgah beli dinner jap sebelum balik~
To sum it up, the visit gave us an overview of what happened behind the scenes of a Blood Bank in the hospitals.

My goals after the visit:
1) To be a regular blood donor
2) To donate blood at HTAA once every 4 months
3) To donate blood via Apheresis (at least one time)  :) 

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