Sunday, September 25, 2011


1.  IIMP Volunteer Work was done successfully! Tak payah pening2 kepala lagi. Move on to the presentation next week!

2. Tomorrow morning aka this morning: Ukhuwwah Network. Our group.ll perform third. Hopefully, they.ll do their best. Hopefully, we.ll all do our best! A 10-minutes performance is not that difficult, huhh? 
Yeah, right. Talking about chaotic days and sleepless nights.

3. IIUM Jamuan makan2 is not for students - for staffs only. How frustrating. I smell discrimination.

4. Zenith.s Special Dinner: 4 till 6pm. Menu: Nasi tomato, Mee soup, Satay, Yun.s Trifle and Caramel Pudding. Siapa yang nak tapau, sila bawak Tupperware masing2 ye. Datang jangan tak datang, nasi tomato sedap tau.. :)

What a busy weekend.

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  1. hmm i hear that u stay up late to finish the plots and the script...nice effort, salute!