Saturday, September 17, 2011

Open House

Just finished cleaning up the kitchen few minutes ago with my Mom and my Sis (Kak Nor). 

Our neighbours (of 6 families) came over for makan-makan after Isya' just now. My Mom made Nasi Ayam and ordered Laksa Putih from Makcik Mah. Kak Nor made Apple Juice. I made the desserts.

We started preparing for tonight.s open house at about 2pm and all preparations were completed just about the right time for them to have their dinner.

 Let.s have a look at the desserts, shall we? :)

Moist Choc Cake

Lemon Muffins

Caramel Pudding


Mouth-watering, isn.t it? :)

The Desserts

 It was indeed a very tiring day. Now I.m off to sleep, g'nite everybody!


  1. wow i am mostly impressed...u should have made some for the zenith gathering and for the brothers of Z14- anonV