Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Random Thoughts

1. Just came back from a mental break (NOT mental breakdown okay!). Need some space in my brain to sort a few things out. Too many things. Too many problems. So, I guess me - procrastinating from writing my heart out on this digital wall was definitely a huge relief back then. Now I.m back, people!

2. Still - many unexpected things happen. A lot to think - and to settle. First thing first, my laptop screen is dysfunctional at the whole lower 1/3 and I have to use only a small portion of it right now. It was due to an incident happened last Hari Raya - and I still didn.t know who the culprit was. GRRR!! I love my laptop, you know.

3. Maybe I won.t be able to come to Zenith.s Eid Celebration aka Raya Gathering this Sunday morning. Have to attend my 'braces' appointment in Ampang. Before that, I gotta finish up the Video Editing first. A girl.s gotta do what a girl.s gotta do, right?

4. Trying to adjust to a new phase of life - Year 2 of MBBS. Pretty tough, I dare say. Lots of assignments. PBL triggers. Case Discussions. Case methods. Study guides. Compilation. Lectures. Tutorials. Presentations. Practicals. Mini Test. End Block Exam. Professional Exam.

5. Block 1, 2, 3 and 4 - each block consists of 10 weeks (not exactly!) - just 8 weeks of lectures!!!! 8 WEEKS!! Minus the one week Revision Week and EBE a week after, 8 weeks' time is very short! OMG OMG got to go studying if i have some more spare time later i.ll write here or you just have to text me or just do whatever just please i have to study now and i don.t think i can keep on procrastinating like i did before OMG OMG how can i be prepared for this minitest oh oh en block exam rigghhht pro exam is coming up next year it.ll be on 16th july 2012 it.s less than a year how can i make myself ready in lesss than a yearr OMG i.ll ssee yyoou laatter ookkayy buuh bbyeee zzzzzzzz

ps. right after the author completed this post, she passed out on the floor. don.t worry, she just had a transient panic attack. tomorrow she.ll recover.

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  1. hey how come i did not see you at the gathering