Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Successful Story

Yay! We ended up second in Talentime! What a day!

It.s all thanks to our 4th year seniors aka facilitators: Abang Syazwan (front row, second from right) and Kak Jannah (last row, first from left) who had been very supportive! We were truly grateful for their commitment - they came to all of our rehearsal sessions and they even contributed ideas!

To sum it up, it.s not winning that I care about, but the path that all of us took towards the win is all that matters. From the moment we started planning, practicing and acting - it was a journey.

A Very Wonderful Journey.

ps. I.m totally impressed with the video shown during the program, entitled 'Aku, Dia & Akuarium' or something about friendship. That was one hell of a good drama. 

Well, do you know if they need an additional role for their next artwork? I.d love to go for an audition :) 

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