Thursday, October 20, 2011

Show Off

Few Saturdays back, we had Inter-block Sports Day in the Stadium and Sports Complex, IIUM. Yeah, UIA Kuantan dah ada Olympic-size Stadium, gempak tak? Tu baru Stadium, tak masuk lagi Kolam Renang (Olimpic-size juge) and Sports Complex yang mantap! Macam2 game boleh main kat situ. Squash, Badminton, Netball, Futsal, Tennis - you name it, semua ada! Nama pun Sports Complex kan.. ;)

It was held in the morning, 9am till 3pm. We had to bail out in the afternoon due to the Leadership Program that was made compulsory for all IIUM second-year students.

Speaking of the Sports Day, I also participated in the event. In 4x100m Relay.

Me & The Future Nurses before the big event

From left: Mek Wa, Me, Erlynn, Ogy

Biar kalah asal bergaya... hehehe

Actually T2 won the overall Track Events, but we lost to the other Mahallahs in other games

Shakey Shakey~~

Netball won the Second place, Congratz! :)

Hehe, the Show-Off part - here it comes! won GOLD medal for 4x100m! ;)

I finally got my first GOLD MEDAL since I entered IIUM.

ps. Looking back to my past active life during Form 5 in Sports Day SMART Kuantan, me and my team scored GOLD in 4x100m as well. I got SILVER in 100m (lost to my Indian friend, Nantini Kaneson) Heck, I even got SILVER for Lompat Jauh.

Now see what happens to the present, older and oh-so-matured Me - dull, inactive and boring. What a waste.

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