Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vicious Software!

My heart almost stopped when my computer system suddenly crashed. I was in the middle of editing my PowerPoint slides when that happened.

I couldn.t access any of my files, all the programs in Hard Disk Drive disappeared! I was like, darn, do I have to format my laptop? Can the files be rescued? I don.t even have any back-ups, shoot!

After I poked around a little, I managed to open Mozilla. So I Googled about this problem.

Thank God I.ve found the solution! Here.s the link to a very useful blog, it has saved my LIFE laptop! Thank you!

After I read about the descriptions, only then I knew where the problems lied.

It.s the Rogue System Restore Software! (System Restore" is a rogue Windows registry cleaner and HDD repair program that claims to fix common cause of Windows crashes and error messages. The name of this malicious software is truly misleading. As you probably know, there's a valuable and genuine Windows utility called System Restore. It solves major Windows problems and restores Windows system files while the fake one reports non-existent system errors and HDD failures. System Restore (fake) is from the same family as Data Recovery malware) 

I think I.ve got a fake System Software installed. Thankfully, the blog has helped me to remove  the rogue System Restore. 

Now my heart is back to normal. *wink!

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