Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Life on Paper

After I finished my two years of Foundation studies in IIUM PJ, I am now in IIUM Kuantan, taking a degree in Medicine. Currently, I.m in second year. I got another four years to graduate. That is, if I pass two Professional Exams in between. Then, I.ll be a houseman for two years in a government hospital. After that, I.ll become a Medical Office for three years. Only then, perhaps I.ll take a second online degree in Multimedia for another three years. Or I.ll just enroll in an online course during my M.O years.

If you ask me where my marriage fits into this plan, I.ll say - Nowhere.

Yes. I am quite ambitious. I believe most female doctors are. Who would want to waste their 7 years of studying, just to settle down and be a full-time housewife? That is ridiculously unacceptable.

They better take a degree in ‘Housekeeping Skills & Management’ instead of Medicine. And that would include how-to's of Cooking, Gardening, Sewing and even Taking Care of Husband and Kids.

Or better yet, don.t go to university at all. Just sit patiently at home, wait for your parents to bring home a husband. Then, go get married and have kids.

There you go. A fully-dedicated woman of the house.

Mistake me not. I have nothing against housewives. I respect them so much, I dare not speak ill of them. Oh, what would the world be without housewives?

In fact, my Mom is an amazing 24/7 housewife. My parents have been married for, I think almost 24 years now. Still, they live happily. My Mom got married when she was 21 years old while my Dad was 26 at that time. How I wish my own marriage will last that long. 

Yes, of course I can get married and still continue to study or work as a doctor. But I don.t think it.s going to be in these 4 years period of my study. By the time I got my MBBS, I.ll be 25 years old. Only then, I.ll be ready for an official ceremony - with my own choice, definitely.

If I haven.t met him yet, well..

I.ll just pick a guy and ask him, "Would you do me a favor and marry me, please?"

As they say, desperate times call for desperate measures.

There you go. My Life As Planned.

But if you ask me next year, I might have a different answer. Who knows.

Only Allah knows.

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