Thursday, February 16, 2012

Family Day

Our Batch 14th Family Day was held at Pantai Sepat last Saturday & Sunday. We had Amazing Race, BBQ Session and a lot of Games. The night at the homestay bungalow was also comfortable.

Here are the pictures I've collected from our photographers:

The Amazing Race games - Capture the Goat! Haha
BBQ Session on Saturday evening - Chickens, Sausages, Fish + Desserts
Black tribe with powerful Batman theme
Red Tribe with tough Orang Iban Red Indian theme
Blue tribe with cool Avatar? theme
Green tribe with cute Ben 10 theme
One evil villain and Four heroes to save the day :D
The Red Indian in the hut
Welcoming ceremony ;)
Beware! :)
The Games
At the seaside
Ben 10 dance session? :p
Sisters Games Session
Red Tribe won!! Yayy! :D
Boo! :p
Batch photo :D
Pantai Sepat in memories :)

Credit goes to Fais Azali and Munirah Syakirah for all the wonderful pictures :)

Thank you to all commitees and Zenithians for making this event a successful story to be told to our next generations :)

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