Saturday, February 04, 2012

New Year Resolution? Uh-Oh..

A New Layout to welcome the Year 2012. You likey?? :D

A week of holiday feels very short when you spent all your time sleeping, playing games, blogging doing the things that you enjoy the most. Be it YouTube-ing in the middle of the night, or Revising last year's topics, time passes like a blink of an eye. I dont even realise that got two more days left of holiday.


Year 2012 hopefully will bring many new experiences and adventures to me (that.s the beginning of my New Year speech, get ready for more! :p). With a long list of tasks that got in mind (since last year), I secretly wish that this year, I.ll be able to at least, get one task crossed out.

So lets review my New Last Year.s Resolution: 

1. Keep fit, Exercise more (at least once a week?)
2. Study towards Pro Exam  (revise, revise, revise)
3. Take Adobe Classes (when, where?)
4. Update Daily Planner (daily!)
5. Learn how to make Tiramisu Cake (tried once but failed)
6. Plant Harvestable Vegetables in the Garden (tried many times but failed)
7. Sort out Files and Documents in Hard Disk and Laptop (*sigh)
8. Make Videos for YouTube Channel (hmm...)
9. Improve Swimming Skill (well...)
10. Work on my Secret Project (hehehe) got more, but let.s stick to just ten for now. The ten things that I (hopefully!) can accomplish by the end of this year. For a person with a motivation level as low as mine, I seriously doubt that previous statement.

So, what I have to do now is to find that motivation, somewhere. someplace. someday. somehow.

Ganbatte! You can do it! (with a pat on my shoulder)

There you go.. a positive attitude! That.s what we want!

So now.... it.s YouTube time!! XD


  1. 1. Keep fit, Exercise more (at least once a week?)---> ermm i find that hard to believe

    i am intrigued by your secret project, do enlighten

  2. 1. Yeah me too..

    I thought I made it clear when I say Secret, isn't it? :)