Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It.s Showtime!

Totally looking forward to this expansion pack! 


Do I want this? Hmmm..

Monday, March 19, 2012

Yeah, That's The Way :)

A 10-year old rappin', it.s pretty cool..

That.s the way, That.s the way :D

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Book Sale at SACC

Yesterday, I brought my sisters (Izzah and Adlin) to Sultan Ahmad Shah Convention Centre (located just beside Zenith Hotel, Kuantan) to buy some books at the Book Fair. The discount was up to 90%! Unbelievable, eh?

Boy, I wish I had more time looking at every single book there. With my youngest sister whining each time I spent my time reading MY books, I found it quite difficult to enjoy my time there. 

You know, little girls always what THEIR stuffs. Never care about anyone else.s. So I got her this: 

This Monopoly-like board game, worth RM49.90

Upin Ipin & their friends are super-cute! In this game, you can buy Rumah Jarjit, Tempat Masak-Masak, Dusun Opah, Rumah Fizi, Rumah Upin & Ipin and many more!

I am She is totally looving this game! ;D

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The UNIC Concert

Concert at Sekolah Rendah Islam Al-Irsyad Balok last Sunday, 11th March at 9pm.


Sham Kamikaze

In red! :)

From left: Fadzli, Fakhrul, Bazli

Radzi Melissa & Sham Kamikaze


I wasn.t there at the concert but my younger sisters were. I stole these pictures from them. Hehe

Friday, March 16, 2012

ISCAR: What Not To Like

1. Rules Are Rules

Let.s first start with: I don.t like the Golden Rule of ISCAR - One person can only join One game, even in the Track Events! Back in my high school, one person can join max 2 single + 1 group events. For example, if you take part in 100m, you can still participate in 200m and 4x100m!

And for each kulliyyah to send only one (only one!) representative for each Track event, what.s up with that?!

Yeah. They said the rule is made to be fair to all students. To recruit more and many more IIUMK students in these sports. To find more talented players. To allow 'new faces' to win the games.

Whatever the reasons are, I believe that our Goal is to find the best and talented players in IIUMK for each game. If we were to pick players randomly for the game, even if she.s not good at that very particular sport, how can we make sure that that it is a competition among the best players between Kulliyyahs?

If we were to select players only to fill up the registration list, without actually sending our Kulliyyah.s BEST player to join the game, can that be considered as a FAIR game?
However, if our Goal is to have fun and enjoying ourselves, so that everybody can have a fair chance to be a part of a game, even if he.s not the best player in that game, well - that.s a different story. 

But I still don.t like the Golden Rule. At all.

Especially in Track Events.

2. Messy Schedule

With the date of games keep changing, plus the not-so-helpful (and not very organized) Game Schedule, I personally think that somehow, it gives ISCAR a not-so-good impression from the very beginning, even before the games start.

Yeah. There is no doubt that to organize such a big event like this, involving all Kulliyyahs in IIUMK - it is indeed a big responsibility. But there is no excuse to provide such a messy schedule.

I don.t know if I.m the only person who thinks that the schedule is a sore to the eye. If it.s only me, I apologise for being such a perfectionist.

3. Others

Apart from those two, there are few minor glitches in the game that I particularly dislike. For instance, how difficult it is to get the players to be on time and the how much time is spent to wait for a certain player who has to play in two different games at the same time.

I believe that is the duty of a PIC (Person In Charge). I believe that it is not a job that should be taken lightly.

Disclaimer: This is solely an article of personal opinions from this blog.s author. It does not represent the whole view of IIUM Kuantan students nor the entire IIUM Medical students. As a matter of fact, the author does not wish to condemn the ISCAR committees nor wishing to be the person in charge for ISCAR next year. The author.s only wish is to see a better Inter-Kulliyyah Games in the future so that she can participate happily in the game and say 'IIUM students manage to pull off a grand sports event like this, they rock!!' 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Purple Wedding

Our neighbour.s Wedding Ceremony:

The couple, Abang Farid & Kak Soliha :)

Lunch together


My Mom & her friends, as 'Penyambut Tetamu' :)

I wonder if my Mom is still gonna be a 'Penyambut Tetamu' during her daughter.s own wedding. 

And when will that be? ;)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Double Artery

This was taken from a cadaver in Dissection Room, IIUMK. Notice the two arteries branching from abdominal aorta to the kidney. Subhanallah!

As Dr.Saad said, each and everyone of us is different. If he were to cut us open, he might find variations in our body, be the organ positions or the blood supplies.

The variation above does not require any surgery to correct it. I wonder if this guy knows about his unique 'condition' before he passed away.

Thank you Zenithian for sharing the photo :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

SGT: Lessons Learnt

Just got back from Sister.s Got Talent, an event organized by Mahallah Maimunah, IIUMK. It was held at Mini-Audi aka ALT 3, Kulliyyah of Science. had so much fun, enjoying the performances. There were six altogether. 

Not much of an audience, really..

The judges: Sister Nina & Sister Hidayah from Ustazah Pilihan, and Fellow Mahallah Maimunah
The second performance: Nasheed. The first performance was from Sister Nurul Ain, oh wait - it.s me! :p
Third performance: Nasheed as well.
After a short break, the fourth performance was from a very talented singer :) She won the Solo Category, btw.
The fifth performance was like a Pantomime, they got second place
The winner for Group Category - students from Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand and Sudan teamed up and performed their cultural dances. Really awesome, and sexy too! :)
The Chosen Ustazahs :)
They even sang us Warisan Hawa, the theme song for Ustazah Pilihan
My second place prize :)

New things learnt from this event:

1. Never do last-minute preparation. The video for my Poem Recitation was made last night, so.. yeah. Don.t do that again!

2. I never watch Ustazah Pilihan. That was the first time I heard the theme song Warisan Hawa, Farah AF2 is the singer.

3. I won.t embarass myself by singing on stage ever again. Even if I do, I.ll make sure I din search for the song 3 days before the main event! 

4. I should stick to what I do best, instead of doing what I want to do.

5. To be in the second place, out of two performances - was not much of a pleasure.

To sum it up, it was such a good experience to join the event. I miss poems and pantuns :)

Monday, March 05, 2012

Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue,
Sugar is Sweet,
And so are You :)

My current obsession: Mini-Roses
Aren.t they lovely? :D