Sunday, March 18, 2012

Book Sale at SACC

Yesterday, I brought my sisters (Izzah and Adlin) to Sultan Ahmad Shah Convention Centre (located just beside Zenith Hotel, Kuantan) to buy some books at the Book Fair. The discount was up to 90%! Unbelievable, eh?

Boy, I wish I had more time looking at every single book there. With my youngest sister whining each time I spent my time reading MY books, I found it quite difficult to enjoy my time there. 

You know, little girls always what THEIR stuffs. Never care about anyone else.s. So I got her this: 

This Monopoly-like board game, worth RM49.90

Upin Ipin & their friends are super-cute! In this game, you can buy Rumah Jarjit, Tempat Masak-Masak, Dusun Opah, Rumah Fizi, Rumah Upin & Ipin and many more!

I am She is totally looving this game! ;D

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