Saturday, March 10, 2012

SGT: Lessons Learnt

Just got back from Sister.s Got Talent, an event organized by Mahallah Maimunah, IIUMK. It was held at Mini-Audi aka ALT 3, Kulliyyah of Science. had so much fun, enjoying the performances. There were six altogether. 

Not much of an audience, really..

The judges: Sister Nina & Sister Hidayah from Ustazah Pilihan, and Fellow Mahallah Maimunah
The second performance: Nasheed. The first performance was from Sister Nurul Ain, oh wait - it.s me! :p
Third performance: Nasheed as well.
After a short break, the fourth performance was from a very talented singer :) She won the Solo Category, btw.
The fifth performance was like a Pantomime, they got second place
The winner for Group Category - students from Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand and Sudan teamed up and performed their cultural dances. Really awesome, and sexy too! :)
The Chosen Ustazahs :)
They even sang us Warisan Hawa, the theme song for Ustazah Pilihan
My second place prize :)

New things learnt from this event:

1. Never do last-minute preparation. The video for my Poem Recitation was made last night, so.. yeah. Don.t do that again!

2. I never watch Ustazah Pilihan. That was the first time I heard the theme song Warisan Hawa, Farah AF2 is the singer.

3. I won.t embarass myself by singing on stage ever again. Even if I do, I.ll make sure I din search for the song 3 days before the main event! 

4. I should stick to what I do best, instead of doing what I want to do.

5. To be in the second place, out of two performances - was not much of a pleasure.

To sum it up, it was such a good experience to join the event. I miss poems and pantuns :)

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  1. i just knew bout this event huhu. been busy yaw, din even notice any posters. they shud promote btter :) anyway congrats pah!! great experience :)