Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I-Fest Video

I only found one on Percussion. I'll ask around if they got the whole Showcase recorded.

Of IIUM Fiesta Pt 2

The missing pictures:



Dikir Barat from IIUM Kuantan

IQ-Nig from IIUM Kuantan

From left: Ustaz Ridhauddin, Moderator Brother Asyrafuddin and Kak Catriona Ross in Forum Celbrity entitled 'Keluarga Sakinah Bukan Cinta Biasa

Geng AOKME wandered around the Mall to promote the event

First Day's Crowd
Second Day' Crowd


The more, the merrier
Our Showcase Hosts: (from left) Luqman & Afiq
Zakwan on the stage :D

Some of the Showcase committees~ :D

Monday, April 16, 2012

Of IIUM Fiesta

Sigh of relief. IIUM Kuantan Fiesta has ended. As it was the first time this event was brought outside the IIUM Kuantan Campus (formerly known as IKOD for IIUM Kuantan Open Day), I was kinda proud being one of the pioneering commitee members :D

Here's some of the pictures. Enjoy!

The promotion before the event
The Backdrop
Performance by Iwan Syahman during IIUM Showcase
Percussion & Cak Lempong team from IIUM Gombak
Hafiz Hamidun
Autograph Session with Hafiz & Iwan :D

Apart from these performances, there were also from Dikir Barat IIUM Kuantan and Nasheed team IQ-NIG from IIUMK as well, but I havent got the pictures yet. I'll upload them later.

Credit to the front-seat camera-girl, Nad Izza for these wonderful pictures.

Toodles! :D

Thursday, April 05, 2012

The New Jazz Hybrid

I am still contemplating whether or not to drive this car. Striking Green is so not my colour.

If I were to be given a choice, I.d rather have my Mom.s Accord than this metallic green thing.
Well, to be honest - I think I.d rather have my sister.s Myvi than those two.

ps. My Dad totally loooves our new car. Green is definitely his colour. 

Plus, it.s his money, too. So yeahh, my Dad gets to choose which colour he wants.

Initially I voted for Metallic Silver, but I lost to my Dad ;)