Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Is This Worth Crying Over?
The TV9 Sinetron

One evening, I had to sit with my sisters watching this drama because I had nothing to do, besides the fact that my sister didn't want to let go of the TV remote.

In that episode, it was Fandi's turn to be the one who was in danger. After trying to rescue Nabila (as he always did) who was stuck in a deep hole on the ground, at last it was him who lied unconsciously there. 

Because the scene seemed pretty illogical to me and I couldn't stand the fact that my sisters actually believed that, I scoffed and entered my room - playing Smurfs' Village on my phone.

Few minutes later, my 7-year-old sister Adlin came up to me with red and teary eyes. 

"Kak Ain, Fandi mati....", she said softly while blinking her eyes several times.

As I am totally not a huge fan of the not-so-cleverly-written-Indonesian drama, my first thought was to laugh at her. But of course, I didn't.

I explained to her that Fandi couldn't have died. He shouldn't die because he is the lead actor, how can he die? What will happen to Nabila then? He must just lost his consciousness and be brought to hospital. There is no way Fandi dies.

I hate the Directors, the Actors, the Script Writers of that drama. How can they toy with a kid's feelings? Hmphh.

And of course, Fandi didn't die. As expected.

Now in today's episode, the suicide scene was totally unrealistic. Mawar (it's a female name, not a flower) was holding Anugerah (it's a baby's name, not an award!) while trying to jump off a bridge. She slipped and the baby fell to a platform under it while Mawar was hanging by the edge of the bridge.

And as usual, Fandi the Hero tried to reach for the baby. The way he grabbed the baby was like sooo easy-peasy. Hey it's a baby btw, not a piece of cloth. 

Well, of course I knew that actually it was not a real baby they put there, but still - make the scene look real, please! Ughh.

So I go to my room, grab my laptop and write this.

This drama already reached its 100++ episode now and I am praying hard for it to end soon.

ps. This is the writer's personal opinion about this one-and-only Indonesian Sinetron. It does not reflect the whole family's view (especially her sister's) on other Indonesian dramas. 

Oh. I forgot about the other one, Nada Cinta on Astro Ria. I don't like that either.

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