Saturday, May 26, 2012

Managing the Household

I've come to realize that being the one who is in charge of the house is no easy task. Try spending a week without your parents at home and you'll be surprised at how much you miss them already.

1. There's the Alarm system not working. And the phone not beeping. You have to call your Uncle to straighten things up.

2. The black ink cartridge of your printer needs maintenance. Needs a fix.

3. Your two sisters keep making little projects here and there; with the powders, papers, paints etc. Of course they'll clean afterwards, and that's only after you yell at them to clean it up. Twice.

4. The quarrels between 7-year old and 12-year-old sisters should be reduced to a minimum level. Shout at them if necessary.  

5. Make sure your little sister does not take a long nap in the evening, otherwise she'll stay awake at night, crying and asking for your Mom.

6. Breakfast for tomorrow must be decided before going to bed. Either you want to buy Nasi Lemak or Nasi Minyak at the nearby shop.

7. The same goes with dinner, either to buy takeaway meals or eat at home. Thank God I don't have to cook for Lunch :)

8. The cars need warming-ups. You have to turn the engines on for a few minutes every day.

9. On the other hand, the internet connection's fast, it's around 100KB/s - You can download three complete seasons of Two & A Half Men in half a day! :D

Driving to and back from UIA after class every day, straight back to home - and sometimes stopped at the grocery store to buy some fresh vegetables and food - I kinda get the feeling of being like a career woman. The phase in life where you have it all - the work, the family, the house, the money. I mean, you have to go to work, and then drive back home to your family, tidying up the house a bit, and taking care of the household, you know, all the grown-up stuffs.

To tell you the truth, I'm not quite ready to jump into that phase just yet. There's sooo much to explore in life. The option to settle down is like at the occipital lobe of my brain.

And now I just want to enjoy my weekend off.  


  1. haha yeah regard it as an early training...hmm around what age u wanna get married

  2. hmm, 25 seems fine by me... if i manage to get a guy by then. lol

  3. What do u think of marriage during studying, pros more than cons?

  4. i strongly think that if a person is mentally prepared to face the challenges, balancing between studying and marriage - then by all means, go on.

    but speaking from my point of view, the pro is that you'll have a husband and perhaps a family. while the con is that you have to dedicate your life to that ONE guy from that moment onwards.

    the con outweighs the pro.

    yeah, i know i have commitment issues. lol

  5. " while the con is that you have to dedicate your life to that ONE guy from that moment onwards" ---forgive me if i am wrong, but i am inclining towards the opinion that you may or may not have commitment issues pertaining your past relationships, hmm which made you hesitant in engaging in future commiiments

  6. oh. im sorry, i cant afford a counselling session right now. if i ever require your service, i'll contact you later, kay? :)

  7. ahahha i got your point