Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Matchmaking

Just finished browsing through potential candidates to be my brother-in-law. Yes, Kak Nor. You heard me read this right :p

It was quite a tedious process, seriously. There was like this list sent by my cousin to my Mom through Facebook, and my Mom asked me to help her choose. Being a good daughter as I always be, so I helped. (Well, minus the fact that I was totally eager to be involved in being a part of the Matchmaking process - let's just say I'll gladly volunteer even if my Mom didn't ask for my help)

"Tak nak lah dia ni, air muka tak manis sangat.." my Mom quipped.

"Eh, ni macam Ustaz Don la.." my youngest sister, Adlin pointed out.

"Whoaahh, giler ah smart baju mamat ni, suka bergambar betul dia.." I chipped in. 

"Macam rocker mana je Umi tengok dia ni. Ishh ape la ambik gambar duduk terbaring je tu, macam awak la tu Ain..

"Ehh apa pulak macam Kak Ain, biasa la tu posing camtu..," I kinda sorta defended that guy.

My Mom called my Dad to join the group.

"Haaa tu macam muka Abah tu, boleh la boleh la. Abah setuju. Amik yang tu lah untuk Kak Nor..

My Dad and his witty remark - if only matchmaking is that easy.

To Kak Nor, 
Be prepared mentally and physically.
Soon, you'll get a call from Umi asking you to choose your Syed
And I wish you the best of luck! 
Muahahaha! (evil laugh)


  1. choose her Syed?? meaning she'll be marrying with someone with 'Syed' as the surname? yeah?

  2. yeah unfortunately she has to :)

  3. what about you? do u have to as well? if that's the case, hmm i don't stand a chance la

  4. me? hmm, do i have to?

    if that's your case, get a number and wait in line :p

  5. i hope u wont have to...hmm u sound like u're taken

  6. i neither confirm nor deny that last statement :)