Sunday, June 17, 2012

Busy Weekend

On Friday 12midnight, athletes for MIVG (Medic InterVarsity Games) 2012 departed from UIA Kuantan to UPM Serdang by bus. We stopped at IIUM Gombak Mosque at about 3.30am and took a nap. On Saturday 6.30am after Subuh prayer, we started our journey to UPM.

Among the games were Netball, Basketball, Track & Field, Badminton, Volleyball and Futsal. The 17 participating universities were: UM, UKM, UPM, USM, UMS, UiTM, UniKL RCMP, UIA, MONASH, IMU, MAHSA, AIMST, CUCMS, PMC, PU, UTAR and UCSI. 

MIVG this year was awesome. Thumbs up to UPM's organising Committee Members- with all the goodie bags, cool prizes and the smooth flow of the events, they really made this event a success. They managed to get sponsors from Ginvera, Brands, Gnl, Gardenia, UniPress, Yeo's, Nike Malaysia and many more.  

The lunch was okay

UIA Track Athletes (Sister)

The good news is that - it was twice in a row that UIA won the Overall Champion!! (last year's IVG was at UiTM Shah Alam) Yaaayyy! :D :D :D UIA won Gold in Futsal and Volleyball. :D :D :D Alhamdulillah :)

I went back home early so I was not included in the group photograph during the Closing Ceremony. Nevertheless, I am really proud of our university's achievements :)

I took a bus from UPM straight to Komuter Station (after waiting for about an hour at the bus stand) to meet my parents at Su Casa. At the KTM Station, I took the train to Bandar Tasik Selatan and change to RapidKL heading to Ampang. I did not know that they have replaced the Ticket to Token! Boy, was I confused when the token came out from the ticket machine.

From Ampang, I took a taxi (fare: RM6) to Su Casa Hotel and reached the hotel room at 6.00pm. After Maghrib, my family and I went to Stadium Merdeka to watch Maher Zain's Concert. My parents did not go inside, they said they're too old to watch this kind of stuff :)

RM78 per head and Free Seating. Far, far away from the Stage ~
Amazing concert! I'll tell you more in my next post

The next morning, we went to my Aunty's house in USJ, her daughter was getting married. This was her Majlis Pertunangan, and the food was extremely delicious.

In pink
Waiting in line ~

At about 1.30pm, we went back to Kuantan. Reached home at about 6.30pm, after stopping at R&R for prayers and at SMA Bukit Goh, my sister's school.

2 t-shirts, some souvenirs and a bronze medal (not in the pic) :)

What a busy weekend. Now switching to Serious mood ---

It's time for TS3 Showtimee!! :D

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