Thursday, June 28, 2012

Of Workshop and Lunch Sessions

The day before..

This evening...
Me and my two best friends, Yun & Shuk :D
To cut the story short, we attended Professional Exam Workshop this morning. We were told that the Workshop started at 9am, we didn't know it was supposed to start at 8. We are so sorry for being late.

This is the first time such workshop is organised for second year Med students in IIUM. The idea to hold this workshop came from our beloved Trainee Lecturers of BMS. 

Basically, this workshop provides us with tips, advice and motivation for the upcoming Pro Exam. The talks were given by our lecturers and also by the famous IIUM speaker/motivator, Dr. Khairidzan.

Speaking of which, now I know which one is Dr. Soraya, Dr. Hazulin and who is Dr. Aniza Pakeer.. Hehe :) 

Credits to Munirah Syakirah & her boy friend Shahir for the lovely pictures ;)

Listening to the lecturers

Dr.Maung2 Cho received flowers from our Batch Leader, Bunyamin. Dr. Maung's retiring :(

Then we had Photography Session together with Basic Medical Sciences (BMS) lecturers in front of the Kulliyyah of Medicine's building. Under the scorching sun!

From left: Dr Roslina in pink!, Dr. Nilar Aung and Dr. Ahmed

After that, we had Lunch session with all of our pre-clinical lecturers, to show our appreciation and gratitude to the lecturers who've been teaching us for the past 2 years.

Pub & Info Bureau Zenith were responsible for the Hall Decoration, but we had some help from Zenithians too. A very big thank you to Kerie (Head Designer? hehe), Fais, all the tall guys for helping with the balloons (Izani, Pue, Farabi) and the very helpful sisters Majdiah, Kak Aflah, Lina, Faie, Miza, Madi, Shamin and others who helped us in putting up those Decors and getting them down too. We borrowed most stuffs from SRC Room, so no budget was allocated for the Decors. 

Pavlova from Dr Nour El Huda! Yummy! Thank you Dr! :D We had lots of desserts, thank you to those who sponsored all those puddings and cakes! Secret Recipe's a delight!
The delicious Nasi Beriyani from Caterer at KOM Cafe
Enjoying the food much? Lol
From left: Dr Anil Kumar Saxena and our Head Department, Prof Pakeer
Dr Naznin (in pink too! look at her phone on the table :D) sharing joke with Dr. Norsidah
Video show
Arab Doctors. From left: Dr. Imad Matloub, Dr. Saad (what's in your phone, Dr? :D), Prof. Hassan and Dr. Emad Egypt (actually Dr. Emad Nafie, hehe)
Oh Dr. Hidayah, you noticed that? Sorry lah Doctors, we took your formal passport picture from BMS Website, so sorry for the surprise. We were surprised to at how different you look too! Hehe 
The brothers
The sisters

Enjoying the moment with hilarious Dr. Emad :D

All in all, the Workshop and the Lunch marked the last events with our pre-clinical lecturers.

We will miss you, Doctors! :D

A very big thank you and we hope you'll mention us in your prayers :)

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  1. i loveee motivational talks before exams. sadly we havent got any this yr. huhu.

    Nway all the best for ur very 1st Pro Exam!! may all 128 of u succeed, inshaAllah :))