Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Exams Revisited

Warning: This is a long, boring and complicated post. Proceed at your own risk. 

This post is considered useful for:

1) Students who would like to pursue their degree (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Honours) aka MBBS) at International Islamic University Malaysia, Kuantan Campus. You can have a glimpse into our examination system during pre-clinical years.

2) My junior (13th Batch) at IIUM Kuantan. This is like an overview for your second year's life ahead. The exams are still there, no worries :P But please be more hardworking, get higher marks than me okayy :D

3) My batchmates. We can compare marks? Yeah I know yours is way better than mine, get over yourself already! :P

Please be noted that the image below may take a longer time to load if your internet connection sucks is slow.

This is Year 1 Block 4 - the Community Medicine Block.

We learned Basic Biostatistics, Demography, Research Methodology, Epidemiology, Occupational Health, Nutrition, Family Medicine and Environmental Health.

Now, since I've finished my First Professional Exam quite recently (and passed the exam), I can proceed to Year 3, starting this September. I have another 3 years ahead and a big exam - Second Professional Exam in Year 5.

I don't know what it'll be like in Clinical Years, but I really hope everything will go according to plan.

That is, I get my Medicine degree first and then get another one in Multimedia.

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