Saturday, July 28, 2012

Note to Self

Speaking of which, I came across this: 50 Productive Things To Do To Organize Your Life

Wow. After reading that, I feel like I want to do so many things.

Here they are:

9. Organize all your digital pictures and videos online.

19. Go digital. Scan all your papers and covert them to PDF.

29. Ask yourself this question: “If I had only one year to live, how would I use the next 365 days?”. If you take time to give this a deep thought, you’ll absolutely be productive and do only the most important thing in your life every minute of your day.

37. Project Gutenberg has over 36,000 free ebooks that can be downloaded to your PC, or mobile devices. Browse their top 100 ebooks list.

41. Organize all your bookmarks online using delicious.

42. Backup your critical documents online. Dropbox offers 2GB of free online storage. 

48. Even if you don’t feel like doing any of the items in this list, don’t just browse random funny videos online. Watch educational and inspiring videos at TED talks. One of these videos might give you the inspiration to do meaningful work that will keep you productive.

50. Focus only on the essentials. We have way too many projects at work and home. Some of them are essential and critical that will have a big impact. But most of them are useless and we just do it thinking those are critical. If you want to be productive, you should focus only on the high impact essential projects that will enhance your life (and the life of everybody around you). You should focus on simplifying your life. Once you pair it down to the essentials, you’ll love life and every body around you, and you’ll be extremely productive and happy in both work and personal life.

Note to self: The most important thing is, I must not forget Allah in every step of the way. During this month of Ramadhan, I must try harder to become a better Muslim.


  1. I've been caught up in the "living in the online cloud" craze. I use Google services (alang2, because I have a Gmail account). Vids, pictures and documents can all be stored.

    Nak mintak advice. My brother memang really interested in a drawing tablet. Would you recommend the tablet that you have right now (harga rm200 je kan?) for a beginner?

    Thx in advance

  2. Yup. RM200 je Genius Tablet tu. Yeah sure. I used the tablet for 2 years, and I've enjoyed it very much. You can buy that for your brother.

    For beginners boleh je beli that Tablet. Nanti bila dah guna lama2 and rasa nak tukar, boleh lah beli yang lagi besar :)

  3. wokeh. Thank you very much (He actually wants one that is much more expensive. Mengada =P. I'll just buy him that for starters)