Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pavlova: The Sugar Rush

Yesterday I made Pavlova. It is a traditional Australian and New Zealand dessert dish. I got the recipe from here. It's very useful, since the blogger provided step-by-step tutorial on how to make it. Or you can check out WikiHow.

Surprise, surprise, it is actually very easy to make Pavlova.

That was my first attempt to make Pavlova, so forgive me for the messy shape of the sweet cake. I did not have enough whipping cream to cover the whole cake, hence the visible holes here and there. But the taste is pretty awesome. A bit sweet, though.

I know you can Google the recipe easily, but I still wanna write it down :D 

What you need are:
+ 4 eggs (the white portion)
+ 2/3 cup of castor sugar
+ 1 tbsp corn flour
+ 1 tsp vanilla essence
+ 1 tsp cooking vinegar

For the toppings:
+ 250ml/1 cup of non-dairy whipped cream
+ Fresh fruits

How to make it:

1) Preheat your oven to 150'C (use fire below only)

2) Use maximum speed to whisk the egg whites until they are soft and fluffy.

 3) Add castor sugar slowly, one spoon at a time. Don't stop whisking.

4) You know the meringue is ready when it does not drip when you turn the bowl upside down. This is how you make icing on cake!

5) Add corn flour, vanilla essence and vinegar into the batter.

6) Spoon the mixture onto a baking paper placed on the oven tray. You have to make an indented hollow in the centre so that you can put your toppings there.  

7) I made two-layered Pavlova. You can make it into one, it's totally up to you. Change your oven temperature to 110'C and put them in. Wait for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

8) Now we make the toppings. Whip the cream until it forms soft peaks. It means that it is not in the liquid state, it must look creamy. If you buy the Anchor brand of whipped cream, you have to whisk it for quite a long time, I did it for like 20 minutes or so.

9) Cut your fresh fruits. When the Pavlova is ready, you have to leave it in the oven for 10 minutes to cool it down before you add the toppings.

10) Only then you remove the cooled Pavlova and put the whipped cream and the fruits.

11) Put it in the fridge and you can eat it when it is time to break your fast! :D

Pretty easy, right? Happy baking!


Learn Pavlova Recipe - Check! :D 


  1. wow looks yummeh!

  2. Pah!!nk rse ur Pavlova!:P
    It looks really delicious..nyumm2
    I'm craving for cakes and anything sweets right now..
    Btw, can I use your pic for my blog?
    Of course I'll credit it to you..:)

  3. Anonym - Yeah it does :D

    Ummu - Meh la datang rumah kalau nak rase, hehe. Boleh je, no hal :)

  4. haha..pah,jgnla suruh aku blk kuantan so soon..xsmpi seminggu pon ak kt melaka ni..:P

  5. haha. kalo xnk balik kuantan, ko kena buat sendirila pavlova ni kat rumah, ummu :P