Monday, July 23, 2012

Wacom Bamboo Fun?

And that explains the messiness of the above drawing.
That was my first Genius Drawing Tablet :(
It was worth RM200, I bought it in Subang Parade :(
This was the post I wrote about it :(

I should buy a new Pen for the Tablet. But, on second thought...

...I want this for a change! Well, to be exact, I want the Wacom Bamboo Fun G3 (Pen & Touch) CTH-670!

Ask me about the price. See here

Pretty expensive, eh? I wonder if my Dad agrees to split 50/50 with me. I'll ask him later.

Oh. I think I've got some money left in the bank. I better go check now.
Toodles. And wish me luck.


  1. Salam,
    Oh oh. I actually want to buy one of these things for my brother. Do you know a good place to start looking? Kuantan ada tak?

  2. Sorry to say Luqman, but kat Kuantan takde store dye :(

    You can check here -

    Anyway, beli online lah senang :D

  3. Thanks a lot. Will definitely check it out