Thursday, July 19, 2012

We pass the Exam! :D

Mood: Happy I guess? :D

Got a call from my friend, Yun. All of us pass the Professional Exam!! And that means, we can all proceed to our Clinical Year, Third Year this September! Yayy!! :D

Well, to be exact, all sisters pass the exam. One brother fail. 

Oh. And 4 of us got Distinction. That was like A++++ :D Zulaikha, Faqih, Hanani and Farisham. 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Well done guys! :D :D

Credit to Kak Lini for the image. Don't bother looking for my name. I'm not in the Top 30.

Out of 128 Medical students of 14th Batch (Zenith) IIUM Kuantan, I am placed at Number 73. Not bad, I guess. Of course I'm very grateful cuz I believe I can do a lot worse than that. My two best friends are no doubt better than me. 'Ayunni is at 63th and Shukriah is Number 33! 

33, 63 and 73, how cool is that! :D :D :D

So proud of them! They really deserve that for all the hard work they had put for these past few months. Not to say that I did not put my best effort into the exam, but well... how to say... well, enough said about that.

Change of topic. Now what's the plan for this two months of holiday? Hmmm.. let's see.

Here's what I have in mind.

1. Read The Hobbit & The Fellowship of The Ring
2. Watch Two & A Half Men until Season 9
3. Take Adobe classes at Kolej Komuniti
4. Learn new recipes (Pavlova is on top of the list!)
5. Do Adobe stuffs
6. Plant new flowers and herbs, maybe
7. Sorting and deleting files in Laptop & Hard Disk
8. Update blog and YouTube videos
9. Update my Portfolio :D

And the list goes on and on and on.... I wonder how many of those I'll be able to complete before September. Hmm. Let's take one step at a time, shall we? :D


  1. jgn lupe dload cter byk2.hehe ;P

  2. Eh. Macam kenal je sape ni ;p
    Haha. That one mesti~~ :D

  3. Salam..

    kak zu said the results r not arranged by ranking excpt for distinction and the opposite end..

    so jgn le sedih
    mane tau top 10 ker...

  4. Wslm,

    Oh seriously?

    Nah, jauh panggang dari api la kalau nak masuk Top 10 tu.

    I am actually comfortable enough being at no 73. Now I expect to be at No 100++ :(