Sunday, August 12, 2012


I was in the middle of drawing this when I suddenly remembered,

'Oh. I bought a Jodi Picoult novel few weeks ago. I haven't read it yet'

So I grabbed 'House Rules' on the bookshelf and started reading.

Yeah I like to picture the book cover like the one in the right, too XD But Picoult did not write about House, by the way.

I love Picoult's writing style. It's very brilliant and touching. I always shed a tear or two when I read most of her novels. 

This book tells us about a kid, Jacob who has Asperger's syndrome, a kind of autism. He was accused of murder and being tried in court. The way Picoult (I feel rude calling her just Picoult, should I write Aunty Jodi then?) describes each character in the novel makes me feel so close to them. Jacob's brother Theo, the lawyer Oliver, the police Rich, the father Henry etc. It is heartwrenching to read about Jacob's mother, to feel her emotions about the situation and all :'(

Jacob's Mom, Emma had set few house rules for the family, to help Jacob behave. Like, how they must always tell the truth, they must clean their own messes and Jacob must always take care of his younger brother, Theo. And Jacob did follow the rules :'( 

Anyway, now that I finished reading it, I can resume my previous drawing.

Oh wait a second.

I think I haven't read 'One Day' either.


  1. I have read 'One Day'.
    YOU SHOULD READ 'One Day'!!!

    Enough said. haha. xD