Tuesday, August 07, 2012

YouTube Copyright Warning!

Last June, I recorded a video (by using my camera) on Maher Zain's concert at Stadium Merdeka, KL. Then, I uploaded it on YouTube. The video got 5000+ views last time I checked, yesterday night.

I received notification regarding the copyrighted video a few weeks ago, but I thought it was a bluff. I managed to make it disappear.
Then I logged in to my account just now, only to see there was a red page warning (above picture). I could not proceed unless I click I acknowledge. So I did.

Then I was forced to watch a video about YouTube Copyright school and answer a few questions regarding copyright matters. It's a relief to see my YouTube account is still available. But the video is gone :(

Though it's a bit sad to see the video no longer exists in my channel, let's face reality. It's my fault in the first place. It serves me right :( 

Let's just say, I learnt my lesson already. You can read about Copyrights here.

So kids.. You should never record and upload a video of some famous singer in a concert without asking the permission of the copyright owner. Even though you edited it very nicely, stayed up till midnight to trim the video, wait for half a day to be uploaded on YouTube!!, it is VERY VERY VERY WRONG to do that, you know! It may lead to termination of your YouTube account or legal action can be taken against you.

I don't know whose permission you should ask. I DON'T EVEN CARE!!! 

*frustrated, very. very. very.


  1. Oh hi! You're a criminal now too. Welcome to the club XD.

    Copyright law as it is right now is stupid in this day and age. I have so much to blog about that, if only I wasn't so lazy.

    Notice that the video Youtube forces you to watch never says what you did is wrong? It just says it's against the law. Google pun doesn't care about copyright. The problem is the movie and music companies are lobbying the lawmakers in the US to make stricter and stupider laws.

  2. Oh haha :D

    Yeah, I am way too devastated right now I don't even bother to read more about the 'history' of the Copyright Law and stuffs.

    You should write on that then, shed some light on this matter XD

  3. well you can always upload it again muahahahahha *wink*

  4. yeah i know, right? i'll try, let's see what'll happen then ;D