Saturday, September 08, 2012

Eleventh Hour

I wish I had more time to edit this video. Arghh!

The video ratio isn't satisfying, and many sentences in the video are cut. Plus, the flickering frames really really really annoy me! Vertical and Horizontal frames are mixed together, I don't fancy that. 

Initially, the night when I was editing this video, I thought of adding more scenes, but I had to reconsider. To convert the video took me almost 2 hours. And it was 4.00 am, I needed to catch a nap. So, the ending of the video was like so-so. It was an unfinished work. How I hate that! Grr.   

Anyway, our last day of Elementary Clinic was very fun and educational indeed. We had Workshop on Medical Professionalism and Physician Etiquette in the morning till 12.45pm (Friday prayer). 

We were divided into 10 small groups and we had to complete a Case Study (CS) assigned to us, with the help of our Supervisors in charge. I was in Group 4, with Dr. Marzuki & Dr. Suhaiza. Video and PowerPoint presentations were encouraged.

CS 1: First impression- appearance and composure
CS 2: Examining patient of different gender
CS 3: Medical confidentiality
CS 4: Taking verbal consent
CS 5: Refusal of treatment and at own risk discharge
CS 6: Breaking bad news
CS 7: Making do'a before procedure
CS 8: Solat for the sick
CS 9: Right to adequate information and consent
CS 10: Medical Emergency

Patient with Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) in HTAA Ward:

How to Perform Ablution during Sick

How to Perform Solat during Sick
Too bright ;D

Sentimental ;)

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