Sunday, September 23, 2012

On Call

1) I reached Orkid 8C at 8pm. This is my Last Day here, tomorrow we'll be posted in Orkid 8B next door. Ah, so sad. I have come to like this Ward, the Doctors, H.Os and Nurses. Many interesting cases are mostly here, predominantly patients with Respiratory problems.

The lecturers I had seen doing their Ward Round so far are Dr.Naim, Dr.Nimm and Dr.Juita. We saw Dr.Marzuki once. I wasn't always following their round because there were times I couldn't understand what they were discussing about, other times I clerked patients or joined my friends did PE on them.

We have met the tall and good-looking Dr.Liong on our first day here, he taught us abdominal exam who had Splenomegaly. He is friendly and always been very helpful. He talks fast too. Dr.Maria is another friendly H.O (who talks fast, sometimes I have to replay her words in my mind just to understand the meaning) who had just started her first posting two weeks ago. She lets you do the procedures if you ask her. I had always seen Dr.Aizat and Dr.Gaddafi hang out together. They are cool and you can ask them questions freely. Dr.Badrul is okay too, I guess. I did not talk much with him. Same goes to Dr.Anna and Dr.Kelcina (she has nice handwriting!). And also two other H.Os with glasses whom I rarely talk to. I don't know their name.

Staff Nurses and Nurses are good. I've never been scolded by them up to this point. We have met Trainee Nurses who did their Practical there. They are friendly and talkative if you get to know them. Don't call them kakak, some of them are younger than you! :D 

2) I talked to a pakcik with Acute Coronary Syndrome. He knows his disease very wall, he told me that the doctors from previous hospitals told him that he has Papillary Stenosis and his Cardiac Murmur can be heard faintly. He have had many tests before: Exercise Stress Test, ECG, Echo, Angiogram etc. He has an appointment scheduled in Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) this October, but he was admitted to HTAA earlier due to sudden onset of shortness of breath.

3) I saw an uncle who had been stung by hornets. The initial rashes disappear after medications were given yesterday, but new rashes appears today. Dr.Maria told me that it was due to the Tramal (Tramadol - a pain reliever) given. If we stop the drug, the rashes will be gone.

4) My friends and I watched Dr.Maria took Venous Blood Gas (VBG) from a patient suspected of PCM Poisoning. The blood was sent for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring too. She said that VBG is less painful than ABG. We did VBG mainly to check the Bicarbonate ion level in the blood, not the Oxygen level.

5) The pakcik 'Pacemaker' who has AECOAD told me that his abdomen felt full and hard started this evening. I told him to tell the Doctor in charge. It's very worrying because his family members (I think 3 of them) had died due to Liver Cancer years ago.

6) The two patients aka inmates from nearby jail are still in their beds. When asked, they said they are feeling better now. They were admitted to the Ward due to suspected Infective Endocarditis (they are IVDUs). My friend had examined one of them and she told us that we could hear Mechanical Bruits in his heart.

7) There's this very old, cachexic and sick-looking pakcik who suffers from Grade IV Lung Carcinoma. When I walked by his bed to talk to him, he asked me for a Rokok. I was taken aback. He is sick and he asks for a cigarette?

And I told him no, of course.

8) By 10pm, I got into car and drove home. Got nagged by my parents due to the constant night outs. If I were a boy, I think they don't mind me coming back home late, even at 12 midnight.

But I'm a girl. 

And girls are not supposed to drive alone at night, or coming back home as late as 10.30pm.

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