Sunday, September 02, 2012

Third Year Jitters

Tomorrow is a big day. It is the first day we enter Year 3. Included above is our first week schedule. So packed with lectures and tutorials. From 8.30am till 5.00pm. Credit to Nad Izza for the image. 

My first posting is Internal Medicine. This posting is tough. So I have heard. 

You may have notice this. I write in few, short sentences. 

That's because I am nervous. Palpitations.

Those are Posting Rotations. I am in Group A. 

IM => O&G => PAED => SUR. 

What is that, Remedial Posting? Palpitations. 

Stumbled upon IIUM Website. OMG.

Attitude and Professionalism? Palpitations.

I was curious. So I Googled that. The results were amazing.

I discovered few blogs of our Seniors. Great, great Seniors.

One of my favourite blogs. I like her writings very much.

So that's it. Post for today.

Till we meet again tomorrow.

That is, if I survive the Dreadful First Day.

Insha Allah I will.


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