Wednesday, September 19, 2012

W2 D2 : Boo Hoo!

1) At 10.15am today, Aina, Wani and I witnessed Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) done on a patient with Cardiac Arrest. The chest compressions, not including mouth-to-mouth rescue breathing.

We were busy clerking our assigned patients before it happened. When the patient suddenly stopped breathing, the doctor called out his name several times but the patient did not respond. Seconds later, the nurses gathered around his bed - brought medicine cart, patient monitor, defibrillator etc. Curtains were closed.

Chest compressions were done by H.O and medical students, taking turns. Blood was taken to be analysed. Drugs were given intravenously. The doctor defib the patient when he suddenly went into V-Fib. The heart rate became stable again. I thought I could see the patient opened his eyes slightly.

At almost 11.00 am, the patient was stable. Or so I think.

After that, I did not know what happened. But the patient died anyway.

2) Rewind to the moment the medical staff were busy saving the patient's life, this one M.O came and drew the curtains aside to check on a patient lying two beds away. She was explaining something to a Doctor regarding the patient's condition. 

I glanced at her, amazed that she could not be more 'sensitive' than that. I mean, a patient is fighting for his life but you still can act like nothing is happening? If you don't want to help, at least please show some respect. Your patient can wait, he's not dying. You can still clerk him afterwards.

A trainee nurse who was watching the CPR with us whispered to me, 'Nanti akak jangan jadi macam dia tau..', referring to the insensitive M.O.

I smiled.

3) I was about to ask something to a Doctor, but she asked me to wait for a second while she's finishing her work. Okay no problem.

But there's this M.O sitting next to her, just shooed me away. Gi sana! I remembered he said exactly that to me.

I was like, what was that about? I wasn't asking you, Duh! And was that even necessary?

But of course I did not blurt that out to him. It was just plain rude to say that.

See? Even a Medical student knows what are the things you should say and what you shouldn't. I was surprised that he didn't seem to be able to grasp the idea of what rudeness is. Seriously.

4) Speaking of which, I recalled my friends 'gossiping' about this one M.O who was rude to them while they were watching her doing a procedure in the Treatment Room. She spoke in a hurtful tone, making my friend left the room.

I had also heard about this one Doctor who doesn't like medical students go near him. My friend advised us to set a perimeter around him, maybe 2 meters apart. Initially I thought he was joking, but he stressed that we should really be 'careful' around him.

Wow. That's.....

5) At 3.00pm, we had our first Short Case Session with Dr.Shahrin at Orkid 8B. He picked a patient and chose one of us randomly to examine the patient's abdomen. Our patient had mild ascites so we were able to hear the shifting dullness but not fluid thrill. 

Then we asked Dr. to teach us Central Nervous System (CNS) examination. He demonstrated how to test for Muscle Tone, Power, Reflex, Babinski Sign, Proprioceptive, Heel to Shin Test on the patient's Lower Limb. Dr. mentioned that the same principle applied to Upper Limb as well. We did not have time to learn about Cranial Nerves exam because it was almost 5pm. And Dr. hadn't had his lunch yet :)

Personally, I think that CNS exam is really complicated, I need to revise the steps back.


  1. Sedihnya. Reality is like that, kan?
    Nurses pun mesti selalu kena marah.
    Nasib baik pharmacists duduk underground je (literally bawah tanah). Haha.

    I guess those M.Os are stressed beyond limits that they finally CRACKED. The insensitive M.O probably had a tough time witnessing his (?) patients dying so he decided to shut off his feelings of care towards his patients to avoid being sad and devastated. Either way, they shouldn't have done that. But remember, we are all humans.We have our own problems. =)

    I'm sure they were as enthusiastic as you guys when they were still students. Sometimes, circumstances make people change.

    One advise to you and me. Don't let emotion controls you even now and in the future. Whatever it is, we still have Allah, kan? :)

  2. Betul tu. Once I overheard Staff Nurse perli Nurse yang tak susun barang properly depan public, I mampu senyum je. Lucky you :p

    Yeah probably they were. I should be more understanding, I know. What to do, I am a highly sensitive person LOL

    I bet they were. When I work as H.O later (if I pass all the exams in between), I will be more conscious about other people's feelings, especially to the medical students. I want to be a doctor who is approachable, not a reserved one.

    Hopefully I'll remember this promise three years from now :P

    I agree. Thanks for the advice, Sarah. Appreciate it very much :)