Monday, September 24, 2012

W3 D1 : Orkid 8B?

I just realised how difficult it is to keep writing/updating my routine here. Well, considering the fact that from Monday-Thursday, I usually stay in the hospital from 8am till more or less 5pm, and when I got home I have clerking notes to be completed or tutorials/PBL to read on.... so there you go, that explains it all :D

Today is Friday 28th but ironically, I am writing for last Monday's post. Haha. Procrastinate Procrastinate. The reason? I went to bed at 10pm for the last two days, arghh how I regretted that very much! Now I am on coffee, so you bet I could stay up till Subuh lol

Okay, this post is dated on Monday. So Monday it is. What did I do on Monday, hmm~ (pardon the informal bit, I am 'high' while listening to Hot FM at 2.48 o'clock in the morning, so yeah.. do understand lol)

Where's my note book? Okay, here it is.

Monday Monday. The first day. Our first day in Orkid 8B. 

I clerked two patients today. One presented with Dengue Fever with no warning signs (febrile phase) and another patient had sudden right upper limb weakness for one day duration, accompanied with slurring of speech and facial asymmetry. After the Brain CT result was out, the final diagnosis was Lacunar Infarction in Right Thalamus.

At about 11am, my friend got scolded by Dr.Sujana. He didn't like us bothering his patients early in the morning. He told us that we should let specialists completed their Ward Round first before we clerked the patient. My friend was so nervous that she told me she almost peed in her pants. We laughed.

So we went to Orkid 8C. Oh Orkid 8C. 

We watched Dr.Marzuki did his round, he taught us the Risks of getting Metabolic Syndromes: Central Obesity, Diabetes/Impaired Glucose Tolerance, Hypertriglyceride, Low HDL and Hypotension.

At 4pm, we had Short Case Session with Dr.Juita. We learned two Cardiovascular Cases and it was very educational. Dr. reminded us to check for Radioradial Delay, Radiofemoral Delay and Collapsing Pulse, as well as Parasternal Heave and Thrills. Don't forget the bibasal crepitations. Must read on Systolic and Diastolic Murmurs.

Among the causes of Heart Failure: Cardiomyopathy (Dilated, Hypertrophic, Restrictive), Diabetic HF, Hypertensive HF, Thyrotoxicosis, Heart Output Failure, Ischaemic Heart Disease, Chronic Rheumatic Heart Disease etc. Read the CPG for Management.

So that's how my first day went. I think I like Orkid 8C better.

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