Wednesday, September 26, 2012

W3 D3 : Case Write-Up!!

Day 3 was the day I get to know the HOs in Orkid 8B. There's Dr.Hafiz who is sporting enough to let you take blood without supervision, Dr.Hanis who is cute and friendly, Dr.Farih and Dr.Belzinder Singh who look kinda cool too, Dr.Siti Hazwani who is a bit strict and this one H.O who is always with Dr.Sujana. I didn't get to know his name, but I bet he must be in a very stressful mood everyday. 

I think every H.O in Orkid 8B felt the tension somehow. They look up to Dr.Sujana and afraid of making mistakes, I guess that's a good thing then?

I clerked a patient with Acute Coronary Syndrome. Well, actually I talked to his 40++ year old son because the pakcik was fast asleep when I walked past his bed. While interviewing his son, I got to know that he is my uncle's friend. He knows my Dad as well. Wow, what a small world. 

I talked to a 12-year-old with Thyphoid Fever (demam kepialu - Salmonella typhi) and he had palpable liver two fingerbreadths under costal margin (hepatomegaly). 

Short Case with Dr.Wan Syahril was entertaining. He's very cool, and sometimes he likes to joke around too. He has a very pleasing 'built-in' smile, I like that. We learned Abdominal and CNS exams with him. He suggested highly of Express Revision Book by UM.

This is my eldest Sister's book. Warisan turun temurun, heheh


We learned a lot from Dr.Syahril. He asked us to read this book because it's very useful.

Causes of enlarged kidney - Polycystic kidneys, Obstructive neuropathy, Renal Cell CA etc.

Investigations - Blood, Non-blood and Imaging.

SAAG (Serum Albumin Ascites Gradient) > 11 g/L = 90% of portal hypertension.

The session ended at almost 2.30pm. Then Aina told me that we are supposed to go meet our Mentor right after that, because Dr.Naim waited for us since 12.45pm.

Aina would like to ask about our Case Write-Up and Case Presentation, plus building a rapport with Dr.Naim as well, us being his Mentees and all. At first, I did not agree to that last part, but looking at Aina's very-determined expressions, I didn't have the heart to say no. So I called Irfan and we met up at Level 3 JHC.

It's hard not to notice our Mentor's half-empty room. That's his new office, Aina told me when I pointed that out. Irfan laughed when I mentioned about Dr.'s extra-fluffy pillow on his bright-pink chair. That's a touchscreen phone for sure, iPhone or Samsung I couldn't tell. And he drives a Honda Jazz, how cute is that! :D

When we were asked about our Case Write-Ups, Aina asked Dr's opinions about her patient with Kidney Disease while Irfan wanted to do SLE case.

Me? I haven't find any case yet.

It's already Week 3, you should find a case starting from now, he told me. 

**Stressed out!

Right after our brief discussion, Aina, Irfan and I went to lunch. After that, I went straight to Mawar 7B/7C to find a case for my report.

Nope. I couldn't seem to find one that I like.

Arghh!!! Seriously!!

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