Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Week 8 and counting...

1) When I passed up my CWU to my mentor for final review, later he asked me, 'Who checked your grammar?'

First, I asked my Dad to review my paper, checking all the verbs, vocabularies, grammar and stuffs. Then I double checked it with my former English teachers. I also showed it to a few of my close friends. Oh, maybe I did send few copies to my international friends online. 

I am well-aware that you don't like broken English, Doctor. So I went through all these troubles just for the sake of correcting my grammar, and to get your approval as well. You see how much effort I had put on these 24-pages of papers, Doctor?   

To think that I dare to answer as such to my mentor... are you crazy??!

And you couldn't tell if I was kidding or not, right? Lol

2) Of course I cannot speak English like the way I write. For me, writing is so much easier than talking. You can edit the words when you write, but not when you talk. Once the words got out from your mouth, you can't take them back.

Let's just say, I am more of a listener than a talker.

3) Today I clerked a 21-year-old Malay lady, presented with sudden loss of consciousness for 6 hours. 6 hours! I was like, seriously? Is that possible?

Her twin (yeah, they are twins!) mentioned that her sister went into deep sleep from 5.30am, had an episode of 2-minutes seizure with drooling of saliva at 7.00am during sleep, and she didn't regain consciousness until 12pm, few hours after they reached A&E, HTAA.

During the incident, her twin and other people tried waking her up by pinching and slapping her, but she didn't respond. Ambulance was then called.

She woke up with no recollection of what had happened to her. She was then admitted to the ward for further management. 

She have had similar episodes before, her first being at age 16 and her last being last year. This is a case of epilepsy, so I thought. 

But she insisted that it is not sawan that she experienced. Ni sebab ada benda dalam badan saya yang buat saya jadi macam ni, I quoted her.

Okayy. This is very awkward. How to deal with this? Think. Think.

Since she got upset when I mentioned about sawan, so I rearranged my sentences carefully when I tried to get further history. She has no family history of seizure, and this is her first admission to the hospital, despite having multiple episodes of similar attacks before.

I told her that we can do Brain CT to rule out underlying cerebral lesions. She mentioned that the doctor suggested that too, but her father didn't allow her to do that. He strongly believed that the cause of her 'sawan' is not something you can treat medically.

Wow. If her Dad said so. I dared not to provoke more.

I didn't have the chance to read her case file yet. I wonder how the doctors manage this kind of patient. Discharge at own risk?

4) On different subject, here's a quote from my friend, 'Belajar dengan Dr.Naim buat kita rasa macam banyak gile benda yang kita tak tau..'

I second that.

Next week is Week 9 - our last week in IM posting. After a week of revision, we will have our very first End of Posting Examination.

'I am worried about you guys', I quoted from a doctor.

Yes, Doctor. I am worried about us too.

5) I have heard that our Dr.K was in a good mood during Short Case session with my friends this morning. That's news! I wonder who/what had brighten up his day today :D

I just hope he'll be in the same bright (hopefully, brighter!) mood during the examination two weeks from now.

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