Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Of GOT and Changes

We went to General Operation Theatre today (yeah I know it's Christmas holiday, but we had class at 500pm so we went to OT before that) wearing our new OT Gown!!! :D

The hallway

The entrance

In our new gown (grey colour)
Group hug!! :D

Show offff :P

Recovery Room

Leisure :)

This coming New Year 2014, I am planning to do some changes:

Like deleting some of my social accounts.

Gmail stays but I have to let go of Yahoo. No more Yahoo Messenger. I am trying to forget.

WhatsApp and KakaoTalk stay but Kik has to go, I am changing for the better.

I have Twitter, I dont post there much but I am keeping it.

Facebook STAYS! I get updates from my classmates and old friends and relatives through that, how can I delete my account?

Instagram is going private. This blog might have to go private too. It's kinda difficult to write what I really really really wanna write about when I know people are going to read my thoughts.

So 2014! I am looking forward to some changes! :D

Sorry guys, you have to live without me! ;)

Don't worry, you'll survive!!

Have a good dayy!!! :D

Monday, December 23, 2013

Of First Day in Specialised Posting (Anaes)

Hi Hi Hi we meet again! :D

First, let's start off with these:

Oh yeah? ;)

I love reading these 'Psychology Myths and Quotes'
They are interesting!

Anywayyy, moving onnnn:

The timetable

Our first day in Anaesthesiology posting - Zulaikha, Fatimah and I watched 3 operations today. One with Dr.Selva (Ortho), one with Dr.Aaalia (Surgery) and the last with Dr.Hasniza (ENT). 

We saw testicle (yeaa the one in the scrotum) LIVE! The patient presented with scrotal swelling and pain. The doctor suspected he had testicular torsion so operation was carried out. It turned out that he had testicular abscess.

The surgeon cut through the scrotal skin (through the layers - skin, dartos, external spermatic fascia, cremasteric fascia,internal spermatic fascia) and there it was - a testicle! :O It looks like durian seed, or an egg, or a rock. Well, I think it's more like the durian seed. The shape, not the colour. It has smooth surface! It looked smooth, and kinda shiny! It's amazing! :O How God created an organ containing milions of sperms that will in turn helping in making babies - that is beyond our knowledge! :O 

We didnt scrub, if we did - we'll be holding it! How cool would that be? :O It's like handling the most precious organ in a man's body. Handle it with care! One wrong move and there will be consequences! Infertility problem among others. Well, he got another testicle to compensate, but still, you never know. Wait, why do I write about testicle and this stuff anyway? Sorry sorry let's move on.

We had session with Dr.Rasydan at the GOT too. We watched a case of non-functional pituitary macroadenoma. :O right? I know.

We have two weeks to complete the logbook and submit 2 case write-ups! 

Can we do it on time? Yes we can! ( We can? -..-' )

Christmas at ECM aka Capital Mall
They have SANTA!! :O

Ohhh. So many presents!!
Can I have one? :D

We don't celebrate Christmas, but I do love to see the beautifully-decorated and colourful and wonderful Christmas trees! They are prettyyyy :D

Enough of that for now. 

Let's be a good student and read something, okay? 

If not much, just a little bit. One page. (Or a paragraph)

Can I watch a movie first? It's 'Epic'!!

Okay okay. But right after it ends, read up!

Fineeee. Just a paragraph, right?? ;)

You have a good dayy! :D

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Of Hedgehog, AgingBooth and Letting Go

I have mentioned about my sister's hedgehogs before, right? 

My sister has two hedgehogs (one male one female) and the female had given birth to three cute little babies. Jehan brought the male hedgehog home yesterday and asked me to take care of it (can I use him instead of it? I know it's the wrong pronoun to use for an animal but what the heck I am not writing an English essay here) until January 5 (thats when she comes back home for long holiday).

Jehan wanted to call him Baby - I told her that it's an ambiguous term, you cant tell whether it's male or female. Plus, when he gets old then the term Baby is irrelevant. Adlin then said, 'How about Marvellous?' - that made me laughed really hard.

I told my sisters that we're gonna call him Miki aka Mickey. As in Mickey Mouse. Although he's really not a mouse. But he's small and looks like mouse. Well kinda. Only that he doesnt have long tail. And he has those small, small but not-very-sharp spiky thorns on his body.

I still cant get myself to hold him. What if it bites?? Jehan said that he doesnt bite, I just have to make sure my hands are clean and dont smell of food. Great. I asked her whether Miki had ever bitten her, at first she said No. Then she said only once. But his teeth are not sharp. Its not going to hurt, not much. Great. Very comforting, Jehan. Very.

A short clip I took this morning. I have to admit, he is kinda cute, but - that doesnt make me less scared to touch him!

Ohh. Here's something to cheer you up - it's an app called AgingBooth. 

I keep telling Adlin not to install any app (games or any kind) into my Tab, but she keeps NOT listening to me. Whyy Adlinn Whyyyyy *sigh* 

This app is kinda interesting, actually. Hehe.

You ready??

I give you.... the old me!! Hahaha
Okay okay another one another one:

Hahahaha how can you NOT laugh at THATTT??
It's really funny!

Awwwww. I look so OLDDD!!

That's all for now! Hopefully that will make you feel better.

Please feel better.

I end this post with this MV:

Don't let them in, don't let them see
Be the good girl you always have to be
Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know
Well now they know

Let it go, let it go

Can't hold it back any more
Let it go, let it go

Turn away and slam the door
I don't care
What they're going to say
Let the storm rage on, the cold never bothered me anyway

Way to go, Demi!

My sisters and I will go out to the city after Zuhr, to the mall to buy some stuff. I'll look out for the Christmas deco as usual ;)

You have a good day okay! And cheer up! Dont be sad!

There you go. A smile :)

Gotta go gotta go. I have some work to do before we go out.

I'll see you when I see youu. Byebyeee!

ps. I am starting to like Helvetica. It looks more...matured.


I cant sleep. Why cant I sleep?

Maybe because I had slept too much.

Maybe because I am sleeping with my two sisters in the bed tonight.

Maybe because there is a hedgehog sleeping in his cage on my bedroom floor.

Maybe because I think too much.

About the conversation at the dinner table regarding my loss of weight (it's just 2kg anyway, dont worryy)

About the UK trip that may have to be cancelled because my friend's house was flooded and badly damaged.

About the car accident.

About dying.


I dont feel like reading a novel right now.

I better force myself to sleep.

It's late.


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas at Berjaya Megamall Kuantan

I drove my sister to the city to buy her stuff and we went to Megamall. 

Guess how they decorated the mall for Christmas?

One thing for sure - it is not as pretty as in KL!! Whyyyyyy :(

Holly Jolly Christmas

Polystyrene smiling snowman

I like the Santa.

Awww :D

Do you know that they sell RM8-10 novels at Popular? :O
Yeah seriously.

Valuable Life Lessons:
1. Never get involved with a person having an ex. He is bound to go back together with her anyway. I thought that ex means former, the past, no longer with? And that means moving on, starting a new life, right? Well, I guess I was wrong. Well, what do I know about relationship and stuff? Apparently nothing.

2. Never repeat the same mistake twice.

3. Become a better Muslim.

My eldest sister is at home doing calculation of her new salary at the computer. Yeah, the new doctor in the house is gonna get her first paycheck :)

Please come quick 2015. Please Please.

I'll be okay as long as I have you, right God? :)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Random Random Random

Random stuff for today.

Stay strong okay! Dont cry!!

Think about happy stuff. Think about happy stuff.

Everything happens for a reason, remember? :)

You have a good dayyy!! 

Thursday, December 19, 2013


I knew they wouldnt like the alphabets! I knew it!

So I changed to a more appropriate and formal ones, hehe

Still, I have my doubt whether they are gonna like it or not.

I remember when I met my Professor few months before I took my first professional exam (thats about 2 years ago), over my decision to quit medicine change course to Multimedia - he said that anyone can take up the Multimedia degree and be successful, even he himself can do it. Because it's easy, you can learn to design stuff by yourself, with the help of internet - but not everyone can learn Medicine.

I do know that, I know. But what's wrong in pursuing your dream? Would it hurt to do a job that you love? Sure, everyone can do Multimedia. Can I be one of them? I wanna be one of them.

He also told me that even if I go into Multimedia, there's no guarantee that I will be successful. Because designs, drawings and artsy stuff - you need to learn for a few years to master the technique.

There was a part of me dying to prove him wrong.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

KL Vacation Part 2


KL Book Fair!


All of us bought books!

Interested? ;)

Cute, I know :D

The books I bought

THURSDAY - Mid Valley Megamall (KTM) 

Carousel? Where where?

Ohhhhh. Beautiful!

The bigger picture

We went for lunch here: 

Dubu Dubu!


Soondubu Jigae

You can have either Beef, Chicken or Seafood

Korean Gogi

Honey Garlic Bulgogi Chicken

Honey Garlic Bulgogi Beef

Korean Specialties

We ordered Toppokki!

It was delicious!! Gimme!!

Desserts and Drinks

The RM 12.90 set that we ordered

Eat up!!

Hehh ;)

With Sukiii :)

Alhamdulillahhh :)

Total amount

On the way back

Ladies onlyyy

FRIDAY - Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya

Whoahhhh! :O

Guys, meet Arfah! :D
My dear friend that I met during AFS Exchange student to Egypt in 2008


Heyyy teddyyyy :D

Hello Hello! :D

Then we went for dinner at Pasta Zanmai:

Blurry photo of us taken by the waiter

Ohhhh. THAT makes me feel HUNGRY!!

Itadakimas!! :D

At Daiso Japan ;)

Memories in Hospital Kuala Lumpur:

With Dr.Kharmilla, our super-super senior (first batch) that I talked about before

With Dr.Siew and Dr.Norliza? (not very sure)

With MO Dr.Farah

National Institute of Forensic Medicine (IPFN)

Byebyeee HKL!! :D

Shuk's secret capture of HKL's autopsy room

That's all folks! :)

Finished one work. Not sure if they like it or not:

Thank you note

Another project I am currently working on:

Have you prayed?

You have a good day okayyy!!

Goodbyeee!! :)